The Top 10 Ways to Bomb a Job Interview

November 26, 2007

10. You do not send a Thank You note after the interview. A great way to emphasize your enthusiasm for the position and to subtly remind the interviewer of you otherwise they may forget. For tips on writing a thank you note click here. 9. You dress in causal clothes (flip flops, tennis shoes, jeans, […]

Experience through Volunteering

November 19, 2007

Did you know that most employers expect college graduates to have 1 to 2 years of experience? You are now wondering how on earth are you supposed to gain experience while in school. The most obvious answer would be either part time jobs or internships. But there are other great ways to gain relevant experience […]

Selecting a Graduate School

November 12, 2007

Graduate school is a big step in the development of your career aspirations. For some of you, you realized from the beginning of your undergraduate years that you were destined to seek post-secondary education in the form of a graduate degree or at a professional school. Others of you discovered this later in your undergraduate […]

Job vs. Career

November 5, 2007

Job: Do the work, make the money, no real love or passion—can’t wait for the end of the day Career: Loves the work, money not the only driving force, thrives in the position, has a real passion for the work Which one would you want to do? The decision should be clear. Most people would […]

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