Where Will You Be in Five Years?

April 26, 2011

by Amy Gallo From Harvard Business Review  Most people have been asked that perennial, and somewhat annoying, question: “Where do you see yourself in five years?” Of course it is asked most often in a job interview, but it may also come up in a conversation at a networking event or a cocktail party. Knowing […]

Dos and Don’ts for Creating Your Online Presence

April 18, 2011

By Denene Brox, Salary.com contributing writer Many of us live a large part of our lives online. So it’s no wonder that your online presence can have a major influence on your career success. If your present or potential employer searched for you online, what would they find? Would those search results reveal a professional […]

14 Common Job Hunting Blunders

April 11, 2011

by Dawn Dugan, Salary.com contributing writer Whether you are just starting your professional life or are a seasoned pro looking to make a savvy career move, whether you are between jobs or simply feeling the need to move on, the quality of your job hunt will determine your level of success. If you’re a serious […]

3 Things That Will Get You Hired

April 4, 2011

Originally posted on NewGradLife It is simple – the way to stand out and get hired is to understand what a hiring manager goes through. Today, two or three times as many applications and resumes are received for virtually every open job; hiring managers are buried under reams of paper or thousands of e-mails. So, […]

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