Commanding A Room: 7 Tips for Being a Great Communicator

June 28, 2010

From By Courtney Pike Communication skills – it sounds so rudimentary, but it can really make or break your career. Can you name any great leaders who couldn’t communicate their ideas or share their vision? If you want to be a great employee and leader, you need the ability to command a room with […]

7 Great Job Hunting Tips for College Students With Disabilities

June 21, 2010

From By Andrea Parker Helpful article with tips and resources for people with disabilities to think about and plan for in the job search. To read the full article, please click here.

How to Initiate and Conduct an Informational Interview

June 14, 2010

From by Tom Denham You may be thinking, “I know I need to get out there and network, but I don’t even know how to start!” An Informational Interview (also known as networking) is a meeting initiated by you to gather information about a particular field, organization or position. What you learn from experts […]

Job Postings: What They Say vs. What They Mean

June 4, 2010

From Job postings range from regurgitated job descriptions to carefully crafted sales pitches. At some level all job postings are designed to give you enough information to qualify yourself in or out of applying. Before you dive in, dizzy with anticipation of landing your dream job, consider: What do these common job posting phrases […]

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