Seven Stupid Interview Questions…and What They Really Mean

April 26, 2010

From If you’ve been in the workforce long enough, the same inane questions will continue to creep up in interview after interview. What is your greatest weakness? Where do you see yourself in five years? You know, the small-talk questions that fill up just enough time between the really important questions. But all those […]

10 Job-Search Mistakes of New College Grads

April 19, 2010

by: Charles Purdy, Yahoo! HotJobs From Newsletter Although this year’s college graduates are facing a tough job market (and the smart ones are facing it now, rather than waiting until after graduation), they have an advantage over other job seekers…but no matter how well-positioned these young people are, they–and all job seekers–will have a […]

The Importance of Optimism in Your Job Search

April 12, 2010

From                                                                                                                                                                                            By Monisha Bhat As someone who is looking for a job, you are undoubtedly in the process of updating and editing your resume. However, there is another aspect to the job search: the attitude of the job seeker.  Job searches are not always about creating your documents, sending them out, and getting set […]

When Students Can’t Find A Summer Job

April 6, 2010

by Bob Roth The “College & Career Success” Coach   When you can’t find a summer job, it’s time to rethink your strategy. Although there are many things that students can do, most of them involve hard work. Unfortunately, for some students, that very fact will turn them off. However, you should know that […]

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