Job vs. Career

November 5, 2007

Job: Do the work, make the money, no real love or passion—can’t wait for the end of the day

Career: Loves the work, money not the only driving force, thrives in the position, has a real passion for the work

Which one would you want to do? The decision should be clear. Most people would want a career in this instance. Can you imagine doing a job that you really do not like for the next thirty years? No. So when you are thinking about different careers you want to go into, think about something you will have a passion for (just like choosing a major). Remember whatever your decision you will most likely be doing this for quite some time so pick something you will enjoy.

But how can you know what you will have a passion for? There are several ways to discover a career you will feel strongly about.

First, do your research. Try to get all the facts about the career including typical work days, settings, requirements, growth etc. By having this knowledge you can weigh them against your values to determine if the career is a serious contender. The Career Center has a lot of books that can give you an overview of hundreds of different careers. Our web resources can also provide you with information on a particular career.

Second, think about shadowing or talking to a professional. This experience entails you following around a professional in the field for a few hours or more. You will get to watch what they do plus have the opportunity to grill them about their position. For shadowing opportunities check out the Career Mentor Network on CISTERNonline or talk with our Internship Coordinator.

After you have a few careers narrowed down another option is completing an internship in that field. While completing an internship you will do the same kinds of tasks you would if you did that full time without having to be there full time. Check out CISTERNonline, your major’s department, or come by our office. We have a lot of different resources you can use to locate an Internship. Plus, an internship will look great to potential full time employers by showing them that you have experience.

So do you want a job or a career?



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