The Dreaded Cover Letter

December 6, 2012

Have to write a cover letter. Use them as an enhancement to your resume! See this quick video by Brian Smith for What to Include in a Cover Letter A good cover letter may be as important as a well-crafted resume when applying for a job. This video will show you what information […]

Facebook – Self-esteem Booster. But is there a downside to all this social networking?

December 6, 2012

In Columbia Business School’s Columbia Ideas at Work, November 30, 2012 issue, Ken Wilcox explores the double edged sword of online social networks and give us something to think about. Facebook Friend or Enemy? Online social networks enhance users’ self-esteem — and lower self-control. Today, individuals have grown accustomed to sharing intimate details about their […]

Linked-In Etiquette for Job Searches

December 6, 2012

LinkedIn is a great asset when searching for a job, however there is some polite protocol that will make your job search more effective. Learn about LinkedIn Etiquette in this video from Courtesy of by Christopher Berrien Linked In Etiquette for a Job Search

Two-Minute Career Advice Videos

December 6, 2012

Looking for quick answers to your career search questions? We’re going to be publishing some quick video clips, courtesy of JobSearch, a great career website for both experienced and new job searchers. While there are thousands of good articles worth taking the time to read (we have many relevant resources on our website: […]

How to Write an Interests Section on a Resume

December 6, 2012  Tagged

How to Write a Resume Interests Section This quick tip video by Christopher Berrien from will help you decide if you want to include an “Interests” or similar section on your resume or combine it with something else, or not. Including your interests in a resume is optional and should only be done if your […]

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