A Must Read for New Grads – Grads talk about Transition from College to Work World

July 1, 2014

What will the job be like? What should I be looking for in an interview? Will I like my job? Simply Hired talks to their own newly hired college graduates about their first year in the real world and this is what they have to say, including some advice to those still looking. Real World Advice from Real Grads

Tips For New Grads

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US News recently published a great article in the Money/Personal Finance Section. Teresa Mears shares 13 Real-World Tips for College Grads.  This money and life advice will help recent graduates transition from the classroom to the meeting room. http://money.usnews.com/money/personal-finance/articles/2014/05/02/13-real-world-tips-for-college-grads?page=2

What is Your Body Language Saying?

June 11, 2014

Does body language talk? You bet it does. What do you want to say?

Confidence Looks Like:

Eye contact: The confident person looks you in the eye when addressing or meeting you. Their eyes are wide, bright and happy. The eyebrows match this by being raised and open.

Posture: The confident person knows to point their belly button towards you when they’re addressing you. This shows you are the center of their attention! Even in group scenarios, confident body language includes relaxed but squared-off shoulders, arms at your side (except when illustrating a point and gesturing appropriately), and the stance is solid and stable, instead of overly wide (as an aggressive posture would be).

Handshake: A confident handshake is solid and firm but doesn’t leave you feeling crushed. The handshake is matched by maybe one or two “pumps” to indicate pleasure in meeting you, and then the grips are released. A confident handshake is consistently matched with the other body language to reveal the person as in control of their feelings and able to communicate with directness and authenticity.

Read Lida Citroen’s article in the Career Advice section of Career Attraction’s article to find out more about what your body language is saying about you.  http://www.careerattraction.com/body-language-giving-people-wrong-impression/

Resume Transformation

December 4, 2013

How can you transform your resume from a series of facts and bullet points to an eye-catching,appetite whetting document that gets you calls for an interview? Vivian Giang explains what a career expert at TheLadders suggests in this article: How to Write an Excellent Resume 2013 For more resume and career advice, go to http://careercenter.cofc.edu/ and select the Students or Alumni links on left.

Job Seekers – You need to read this!

May 31, 2013

If you are sending out resumes and not hearing back, Dr. John Sullivan’s May 20th article on ERE.net is a MUST READ in its entirety. Why You Can’t Get a Job … Recruiting Explained by the Numbers

5 Ways to Land that Post-College Job (Even if You Graduated Years Ago)

May 14, 2012

by Jessica Kleiman, Contributor

For college seniors and grad school students, graduation is no longer something on the distant horizon. In the next several weeks, many will be entering a tough job market, although the good news is it’s starting to look up. According to a 2012 survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), participating employers reported that they plan to hire 10.2 percent more new college graduates from the college Class of 2012 than they did from the Class of 2011.

However, with many experienced workers looking for jobs and companies still watching their budgets, it can still be quite challenging to land that first post-graduate position. In BE YOUR OWN BEST PUBLICIST: How to Use PR Techniques to Get Noticed, Hired, and Rewarded at Work (Career Press; Jan. 2011), the career guide I co-wrote with fellow Forbes blogger Meryl Weinsaft Cooper, we discuss why it’s essential for job candidates to stand out from the competition and market themselves as a valuable and unique brand. This is especially important for recent grads because many will be interviewing for entry-level jobs along with fellow graduates who have the same basic qualifications.

So what can graduates do to improve their employability in 2012? Here are a few pointers from our book.

2012 Best Places to Work for Recent Grads

May 7, 2012

From Experience.com

Experience invited employers from across the country to participate in the 2012 Best Places to Work for Recent Grads survey, and the winners are in! This exciting initiative is dedicated to identifying and recognizing the best employers for recent college graduates. As a whole, these 10 organizations offered outstanding company cultures, sweet paychecks, and extraordinary opportunities for rapid career growth. Here’s a detailed look at this year’s winners (sorted alphabetically) – including some new and familiar faces to the chart.

To see which employers made the list, please click here.

What Employers Want: 12 Hiring Hot Buttons

September 12, 2011

by Dawn Dugan, contributing writer

The competition is fierce in today’s job market, and standing out in the crowd is more important – and challenging – than ever before.

How do you know you’re giving employers exactly what they are looking for? This article explores 12 human resources hot buttons.

16 Job Search Errors Often Made

August 15, 2011

By Rachel Farrell, CareerBuilder.com
From CNNLiving.com

Over the years, hiring managers have born witness to every hiring, interviewing, resume, cover letter and negotiation mistake there is. You know what these blunders are. Yet you (and hundreds of other job seekers) continue to make common job search mistakes.

From those who see your mistakes over and over, here are 16 common job search mistakes to avoid — and some of them may surprise you.

How Mentoring Can Work for You

July 25, 2011

From Salary.com

You can always use a mentor

Wherever you are in your career, a mentor can be an invaluable guide. Here are some tips for finding one and making the relationship work.

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