Summer’s Over and You Still Don’t Have a Fall Internship… Now What?

August 30, 2010

Posted by The Good Intern on College The few weeks right before school starts back up can be a hectic and exciting time for lots of students. On one hand, you’re excited to soon be reunited with friends you haven’t seen all summer, but on the other hand you’re sad to say goodbye to those […]

Networking Survival: 8 Tips for Introverts

August 17, 2010

By Karen Kodzik, Career Management Consultant, Cultivating Careers & Robert Shindell, President & “The Career Doctor” at A well-crafted and targeted article with tips on how to master the art of networking in a way that works for introverts.

Handy (and Strategic) Tips for Dealing With Office Politics

August 6, 2010

by Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D. From It’s safe to say that no matter where you work — regardless of the industry or profession — you will encounter the inner dynamics of people plotting and scheming and jockeying for position and power… something called office or workplace politics. Workers have three options when faced with […]

12 Entry-Level Jobs with Big Earning Potential

August 2, 2010

by Dawn Dugan, contributing writer                      No one ever promised you were going to graduate from college and, degree hot off the press, land yourself a job as CFO. But in today’s job market, where competition is particularly keen, it seems as if even the mediocre jobs are few and far between. Before you relegate […]

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