14 Fatal Resume Mistakes

December 20, 2010

From mySalary.com: The adage “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” is never truer than when you submit your resume. Because this is likely the first glimpse of you that employers will get, make it an impressive one. A great resume can open a door, but an inferior one can just […]

Job Outlook: Verbal Communication Skills Most Sought by Employers

December 13, 2010

From NACELink Spotlight Online: New college graduates looking to crack the still-tight job market need to hone their verbal communication skills, say employers taking part in NACE’s Job Outlook 2011 survey. Survey respondents indicate that verbal communication skills topped the list of “soft” skills they seek in new college graduates looking to join their organizations, followed […]

How to Handle Mistakes in the Workplace

December 6, 2010

by Surjit Sen Sharma From JobsJournal.com We all know that to err is human, and none of us derive pleasure from committing errors. However, there are some, who allow their errors, or fear of making errors, immobilize their personal progress, and then there are some, who mull over past mistakes to the point of self-deprecation. […]

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