Discovering Your Dream Career

October 29, 2007

If you could do anything with your life what would it be (be realistic)? Do you want to manage a multi-million dollar corporation? Work in a third world country with the poor? Teach a class full of smiling faces? Or take pictures for a national magazine? These are all dream positions that are achievable if […]

Career Fair Reminder

October 22, 2007

Remember this week is the Career Fair and Graduate School Expo. The event will be in the Gaillard Auditorium on Calhoun Street (easy walking distance) from Noon to 3:30 pm. We are expecting approximately 85 companies, graduate schools, and non-profit organizations. There will be a little bit of everything for everyone. Check out the list […]

Physics: A Major

October 17, 2007

Exactly what is a Physics Major? Once again the course catalog has a wonderful description of this major: “[Physics] investigates the properties, changes, and interactions of matter and energy. The study of physics does not involve following a recipe; rather, it entails developing an attitude or way of looking at phenomena and asking questions.” This […]

Education Career Fair

October 10, 2007

Next week the Career Center will be hosting the Education Career Fair in the Stern Student Center Ballroom. This is a great opportunity for anybody who is interested in a career in education. And remember, you do not have to be an education major to attend the fair. School systems from all over South Carolina, […]

Wisely Choosing Classes To Help Your Future

October 1, 2007

Class registration is soon approaching for the students at the College of Charleston. While thinking about the different class choices, you may want to keep in mind what possible career choices you will make upon graduation. If you are a freshman or sophomore who has yet to make the Major decision you may want to […]

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