Seminars on Human Rights, Security & Defense, and Cybersecurity

The Mroz Global Leadership Institute is hosting a series of seminars led by foreign service officer Caroline Croft from the State Department. Croft will invite colleagues for remote conversations about human rights, security and defense, and cybersecurity.

Croft will also have a workshop on foreign service for interested students and will be available for mentoring and advising session throughout the week.


5pm, Monday, Sept 26 – Seminar on human rights with Kerry Kennedy, president of Robert F. Kennedy RFK Center for Human Rights.  

5pm, Tuesday, Sept 27 – Workshop on foreign service careers with Caroline Croft, State Department. 

5pm, Wednesday, Sept 27 – Discussion on defense and security with Congresswoman Jane Harman.

5pm, Thursday, Sept 28 – Discussion on cybersecurity with Ambassador Deborah McCarthy, who is currently the US lead negotiator on a UN Cybercrime Treaty

For more information, check out the Mroz Global Leadership Institute website!