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The tale of two Georgias

Rural decline concerns us all By Tammy Ingram Atlanta may be the largest city in the Deep South, but every Georgian knows that Atlanta — or ‘lanter, as I thought it was called while growing up in South Georgia — is hardly representative of the state, much less the entire region. The metro area is […]

Top Universities in Asia Offer Prestige, Business Skills

National University of Singapore has a partnership with Yale University, and professors from Northwestern University acted as consultants to help create the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, says Alan Shao, dean of the business school at the College of Charleston in South Carolina. He has traveled to Asia more than 100 times and […]

Ask The Experts: Are Sales Tax Holidays A Good Idea?

Calvin Blackwell – Associate Professor, Department of Economics & Finance, College of Charleston Is there a significant economic benefit when states observe sales tax holidays? “If by economic benefit, you mean increased spending, then yes, sales tax holidays appear to increase economic activity. Removing the tax reduces the cost to consumers, which they obviously like. Removing the tax […]

Study: Children born to lower-income parents in South have less chance of getting ahead financially

As Frank Hefner, director of the College of Charleston Office of Economic Analysis, put it, “Color of skin is not a determining factor, but everything historically associated with that is a factor.” Hefner said the study adds an interesting geographical twist to questions about income disparities and income mobility.

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