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A whale of a find: Fossil sheds light on cetacean sonar’s origin

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The deadly threat posed by German submarines during World War One helped spur scientists to develop sonar, using underwater sound signals to locate objects like subs that might be taking aim with a torpedo. In the 20th century, it was an important technological breakthrough. But it was old technology as far as […]

Reviving a Jewish cemetery

Gary Zola, director of the American Jewish Archives in Cincinnati and a visiting professor at the College of Charleston, says the cemetery is definitely among the most significant and historic burial grounds for Jews in North America. “Without question, it’s a national treasure,” he says.  

Rivers under the sea: Mapping finds ancient bottom habitat

The Lowcountry offshore is mostly barren sand bottom to the edge of the Continental Shelf – that’s conventional wisdom. But three times now, College of Charleston geologists have dropped high-tech imaging devices to map that bottom, and three times they found “these amazing features” they didn’t expect – ancient river channels.

Evolution should be part of core S.C. science standards, Charleston professor says

A biology professor told an education panel on Monday that members of his organization are frustrated with seeing the state’s biology standards become a “political football for religious reasons or political reasons.” Rob Dillon, a College of Charleston professor and president of South Carolinians for Science Education, said members of the organization are “so discouraged” […]

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