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Teachers who made their mark- Charleston Post and Courier

I had many influential and supportive teachers from the elementary grades through graduate school who provided the foundation for meaningful learning opportunities. These teachers are the primary reason that school was, and continues to be, a positive experience for me. Particularly inspiring to me was Margaret Uzzle, my high school senior English teacher. Mrs. Uzzle […]

Credit card balances, defaults drop across South Carolina- Charleston Business Journal

College of Charleston economist Frank Hefner said the drop in delinquencies can be partly explained by Americans’ reaction to the depth of the recession by paying down and then staying away from consumer debt. He also said the tightening of credit standards, more intense government monitoring of lenders and the heightened risk aversion of big […]

A path to self-discovery- Charleston Post and Courier

“I thought I would find something spiritual or essential in India, or that I would become a bohemian or live someone else’s mystical dream. But to paraphrase (American author David Foster Wallace), ‘Of course, you always end up becoming yourself,’ ” said Mwekali, who began her freshman year at the College of Charleston shortly after […]

Best Small State Schools- Parade Magazine

Charleston, S.C. “College of Charleston is very hot right now for good reason. Beautiful and in a chic setting, it offers good academics and is easier to get into than it ought to be.” “The campus itself is a piece of history located in the heart of Charleston’s historic district, and students studying historic preservation […]

SC campus stages Georgestock for students- AP

CHARLESTON, S.C. — It might not be three days of love and music, but it is a night where new students at one South Carolina campus can get accustomed to college life and returning students can see old friends. The College of Charleston stages its third annual Georgestock on Sunday evening. Thousands of students mingle […]

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