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Princeton Review names College of Charleston professor Martin Jones among the top 300 professors in nation- Charleston Post and Courier

Last year, someone broke into the Cannon Street home of Martin Jones, but it wasn’t a big deal to the popular College of Charleston math professor. “The guy, I assume it was a guy, smashed the door down, turned on a light, looked around — there was no TV, no stereo, no computer, there was […]

C of C professor talks shop- Charleston Post and Courier

I’ve quietly watched Herb Parker’s career over the past few years and must say I’m so impressed by this sculpture professor who teaches at the College of Charleston. He has done amazing things throughout the world. Karen Ann Myers of the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art said, “Parker has participated in over 50 site-specific installations […]

Santee Experimental Forest laboratory in the Francis Marion National Forest an important link to coastal research_ Charleston Post and Courier

“The model provided the reference,” said Phil Dustan, a College of Charleston biologist who worked on the study. “The study showed that what comes out of urban watersheds (is) a lot more nutrients, more pollution,” he said.  

Helping bust baseball bigotry- New York Daily News

The campaign to integrate baseball, which culminated 65 years ago today with Jackie Robinson taking the field for the Brooklyn Dodgers for the first time, is often portrayed as a lonely struggle waged by Robinson and a few allies. Lamb, a professor at the College of Charleston, is author of “Conspiracy of Silence: Sportswriters and […]

Column: Robinson deserves more than one day- USA TODAY

Sunday is Jackie Robinson Day in major league ballparks, where the ballplayer and his legacy will be remembered with tributes and testimonials. All big-league players will wear Robinson’s number 42 on their backs, the only number in sports retired in perpetuity. Chris Lamb is a professor of communication at the College of Charleston and the […]

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