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Building on real estate experience

An improving economy has reignited interest in the commercial real estate marketplace. Arming students with the necessary tools to make a career in real estate, especially real-world experience, is one of the charging orders for Elaine Worzala, director of the Carter Real Estate Center at the College of Charleston School of Business.

Local, state residents weigh in on protests in Turkey

The conflict between protesters and government forces in Turkey has captured the attention of an international audience, including people in the Lowcountry and the rest of South Carolina with close ties to the republic. Ali Demirdas, an international studies professor at the College of Charleston, is concerned for his family.  

From fringe to mainstream: The rise of the geek

W. Scott Poole, an associate professor of courses such as “Monsters in America” at the College of Charleston, brandishes his geek cred by showcasing movie-monster figurines such as the vampire Nosferatu and classic horror movie posters throughout his office. He attributes society’s newfound favorable view of geek culture not only to “Star Wars” but also […]

Charleston City Portrait- Garden & Gun

Class divisions remain. “One of the interesting things,” says Marvin Dulaney, a historian at the College of Charleston, “is the city has seemed to be in denial about its black history despite its being majority black for much of its history. But it’s beginning to change.” He cites the increasingly diverse college; the historic plantations […]

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