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Shark Species Thought to Be Extinct Turns Up in Fish Market

The concern for the smoothtooth blacktip’s conservation status is “the same as for any sharks or rays,” said Gavin Naylor, a professor of biology at the College of Charleston, Medical University of South Carolina, who also worked on the 2011 study. “They are what we call K selected animals, meaning they are long lived and have […]

What Happens When the Poor Receive a Stipend?

But Douglas Walker, an economist at the College of Charleston who has done some consulting for pro-gaming organizations, says many of the studies on gaming have methodological problems. Increased criminal behavior may simply be a function of more visitors to the casino area, he says. If the population increases periodically, it’s natural to expect crime […]

Once Failing Biology Society Thrives as It Nurtures New Disciplines

By 1959, new discipline-focused divisions had emerged: developmental biology, comparative endocrinology, comparative physiology, and animal behavior, among them. But in the 1990s, ASZ was teetering, so weak financially that it appealed to its members for bailout donations. Soul-searching resulted in a greater emphasis on cross-cutting topics. “People thought that having a program that was truly […]

Quietly, Hillary Clinton supporters taking stock in S.C.

College of Charleston political scientist Kendra Stewart said any effort, no matter how small, can earn dividends. “It’s never too early to start raising money or building a network,” she said. Stewart said Clinton supporters, like those for any serious presidential hopeful, will start getting the wheels going in every state “or at least the […]

Paul Crouch, controversial evangelical broadcaster, dies at 79

Katie Hladky, a professor of religious studies at the College of Charleston, who has studied the Trinity Broadcasting Network, said as TBN grew from a small California-based station into a global network of Christian broadcasters, the station, and prosperity theology, received more and more attention. “TBN is just enormously powerful,” she said. “Anytime you have something […]

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