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Death Sentence Reviews Leave Unsettled Issues- New York Times

Dick Burr, a defense lawyer, said the judge had ignored findings by experts hired by Butler’s lawyers, including Dr. Denis Keyes, a special education professor at the College of Charleston, and Dr. Jack Fletcher, a psychology professor at the University of Houston..  

Squeezing value from your alumni club- Reuters

As a senior at the College of Charleston, Marshall Simmonds knew where he wanted to work: Blackbaud, a local company that provides software and services for nonprofit organizations. But he didn’t know anyone at the company, and he wasn’t sure where to start. So he asked his school’s alumni association to connect him with other […]

Majority in SC doubt ‘American Dream’- The State

Bernard Powers, a College of Charleston history professor who is African-American, said the two races have a different understanding of history. “When you look at the disparities between African-Americans and whites, there are only two ways of explaining the disparities,” Powers said. “One is that one race is inferior and one is superior. Science has […]

Hormones Help Tiny Sharks Glow- Science

“This is a very nice and a very good way to gain information on these hard-to-study animals,” says Nicolas Straube, a shark biologist at the College of Charleston in South Carolina. David Ebert, who studies sharks at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories in California, agrees, saying that deep-sea sharks often fail to get the same attention […]

Mouthguards may aid sports recovery: research- London Telegraph

A team from the Department of Health and Human Performance from the College of Charleston, in South Carolina and colleagues measured blood cortisol levels in 13 male college students after carrying out the same exercise workout with and without a mouthpiece, seven days apart.

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