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Discover 11 Hot College Majors That Lead to Jobs

The College of Charleston is one of the few institutions to offer an undergraduate degree in data science. By studying statistics, math and programming, graduates learn to help government agencies, consulting firms, scientific organizations and a variety of companies from e-commerce giants to big-box stores to develop strategy, understand customer behavior or predict market trends. […]

The 25 Best College Professors In America

#2 Devon Hanahan, Spanish, College of Charleston What students say: “By far my favorite professor at CofC! Very laid-back and funny. Will find fun ways to help you learn the material including Jeopardy games and fashion shows 🙂 She has the best ratings at CofC for a reason. Will give study guides for exams and […]

Ask The Experts: Are Sales Tax Holidays A Good Idea?

Calvin Blackwell – Associate Professor, Department of Economics & Finance, College of Charleston Is there a significant economic benefit when states observe sales tax holidays? “If by economic benefit, you mean increased spending, then yes, sales tax holidays appear to increase economic activity. Removing the tax reduces the cost to consumers, which they obviously like. Removing the tax […]

Government shutdown could affect Lowcountry

Dr. Gibbs Knotts, chair of the Political Science Department at the College of Charleston, said that the shutdown could hurt the struggling economy. “There is uncertainty in the economy. That can be problematic, and it certainly doesn’t help that a lot of federal employees aren’t getting paychecks and don’t have money to spend in the economy,” […]

Miss S.C.’s comments: Embarrassing or teachable moment?

“Jeff Foxworthy and his ‘you might be a redneck’ jokes”are good examples,” says College of Charleston political science professor Gibbs Knotts. “The word ‘redneck,’ which has been used to describe political supporters of conservative politicians like James Vardaman and George C. Wallace, has even been embraced and become more positive recently. Charlie Daniels even has a […]

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