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Haley vs. Folks: Notes on how to handle a scandal- The State

Bierbauer said Haley’s campaign has handled the situation well, if Folks’ claim is false. But Brian McGee, chair of the communications department at the College of Charleston, said that a candidate trying to win the perception war should “demonstrate as much transparency as humanly possible,” including voluntarily turning over telephone, e-mail and other records if […]

Front-line dispatches- Charleston Post and Courier

“When we see things like (front-line industries) improve, it’s an indicator that real activity is taking place,” said Frank Hefner, research economist at the College of Charleston. “It’s fact, not opinion.” That’s why some experts take bellwether activity more seriously than consumer confidence surveys or national economic indicator reports, Hefner said. They’re a sign that […]

Students Set Sail On Research Voyage To Bermuda- Bernews

Sixteen college students set sail yesterday for Bermuda as part of an intensive two-week course in oceanography. During the 14-day sea cruise, they will learn to sail the vessel, and each will conduct a research project to investigate the southeast continental shelf and/or Gulf Stream. The students are from College of Charleston students and are […]

Students sail for Bermuda- Charleston Post and Courier

College students took to the sea this weekend as they embark on a two-week cruise to Bermuda. Sixteen College of Charleston students majoring in marine biology and geology set sail Friday with geology professor Leslie Sautter, biology professor Gorka Sancho and geology professor Scott Harris. “This is a very unique opportunity for the students to […]

SC college students take to the sea for course-AP

Sixteen South Carolina college students hope to sail through their biology and geology classes this month on a two-week cruise to Bermuda. The Post and Courier reported Saturday that the College of Charleston students majoring in marine biology and geology along with three professors set sail this weekend. They will gather water data and sea […]

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