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Data Science: The Numbers of Our Lives- New York Times

With the sheer volume, variety and speed of data today, as well as developing technologies, programs are more than a repackaging of existing courses. “Data science is emerging as an academic discipline, defined not by a mere amalgamation of interdisciplinary fields but as a body of knowledge, a set of professional practices, a professional organization […]

Trespassing accusation leaves Sanford on his own- AP

Gibbs Knotts, chairman of the political science department at the College of Charleston, said it’s not an insurmountable problem if Sanford can stick to his small-government talking points and appeal to the GOP base. “I don’t think this is fatal for Sanford. It’s just a bad day for Sanford,” Knotts said. “He needs to be […]

South Carolina voters to pick Republican nominee for Congress- Reuters

Only voters who participated in the first-round primary two weeks ago can vote in the run-off, said Gibbs Knotts, a political scientist at the College of Charleston. “I suspect that turnout will be low and that many of the supporters of the 14 unsuccessful Republican candidates will stay home,” he said.

Envision South Carolina hopes to help state overcome inferiority complex- Charleston Post and Courier

College of Charleston President George Benson said in a video introduction on the group’s website that before the Civil War, the state was “an economic powerhouse,” and Charleston was one of the most wealthy, religiously tolerant and cosmopolitan cities in the New World, Benson said. Brian McGee, Benson’s chief of staff, said the project is […]

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