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Captured World: Rare Direct Image Reveals “Super-Jupiter” Orbiting a Massive Star- Scientific American

Joe Carson, an astrophysicist at the College of Charleston and the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy and lead author of the paper describing the discovery, says that the most exciting part of the discovery is that κ Andromedae “is by far the most massive star where we see evidence of normal planet formation—the kind that […]

Tim Scott carries burden of GOP- Politico

College of Charleston history professor Bernard Powers said he is not surprised that Scott most likely will be the only black Republican in the House because there have been so few in recent decades. “This is, to me, reflective of the party’s constituency, racially,” he said, adding that was the Republican Party’s strategy since even […]

Black Hole’s Destruction Of Massive Super-Hot Gas Cloud Visualised- Huffington Post

Exactly what that destruction will look like is still open to debate. Computational physicist Peter Anninos worked with Murray, both of AX division within the Weapons and Complex Integration Directorate, Chris Fragile, at the College of Charleston in South Carolina, and his student, Julia Wilsonboth, to develop six simulations of the disaster.  

Colleges Extend Application Deadlines After Hurricane Sandy- US News and World Report

The College of Charleston, for example, will accept E-mail requests for further extensions from prospective students who “live in a storm-impacted area and are unable to submit application materials by November 5 for weather-related reasons,” according to the school’s website. “We have deadlines, but we also need to exercise a degree of compassion for candidates,” […]

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