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Former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford will run for old seat- Associated Press

“He probably will have to apologize at public functions and then talk about what he’s learned about himself,” said Jeri Cabot, a political scientist from The College of Charleston. “It’s still going to be an issue because you’re asking people for their vote.”  

House passes ‘no budget, no pay’ bill, but is it unconstitutional?- Christian Science Monitor

So it all comes down to the meaning of “vary.” Some experts say the language is clever and passes muster. “I suspect this passes Constitutional scrutiny,” writes Jordan Ragusa, associate professor of political science at the College of Charleston, at the Rule 22 congressional politics blog.

Austrian School of economic thought gaining influence as nations tackle debt- India Economic Times

Prof Malavika Nayar, who teaches a course on ‘Money & Banking’ in the College of Charleston (South Carolina), says that most students are sceptical of the Fed and the various quantitative easing programs. “My job is to teach them that there are sophisticated economic arguments that support the role of the Fed during a downturn […]

No obvious pattern and ‘variety of variables’ when it comes to casinos and increased crime-Capital News Service

Douglas Walker, associate professor of economics at the College of Charleston, has looked at multiple studies focused on the relationship between crime and casinos. Walker said studies that find a relationship between casinos and crime often don’t account for visitors. “Even if you find that relationship, it doesn’t tell you it’s the casino specifically that’s […]

CofC students giving back- WCIV

College of Charleston students are working to make sure students in Africa have the same educational opportunities that they have. As part of the Kick It Forward 2013 program, students will go to Cameroon, Africa to deliver school supplies to children  

College of Charleston Named “Best Value” by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance- Lowcountry Biz

  College of Charleston has been named to Kiplinger’s Personal Finance’s list of 100 best values in public colleges for 2012-13. The ranking cites four-year schools that combine outstanding education with economic value. The College of Charleston ranked #68 on the annual list.  

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