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Quietly, Hillary Clinton supporters taking stock in S.C.

College of Charleston political scientist Kendra Stewart said any effort, no matter how small, can earn dividends. “It’s never too early to start raising money or building a network,” she said. Stewart said Clinton supporters, like those for any serious presidential hopeful, will start getting the wheels going in every state “or at least the […]

Paul Crouch, controversial evangelical broadcaster, dies at 79

Katie Hladky, a professor of religious studies at the College of Charleston, who has studied the Trinity Broadcasting Network, said as TBN grew from a small California-based station into a global network of Christian broadcasters, the station, and prosperity theology, received more and more attention. “TBN is just enormously powerful,” she said. “Anytime you have something […]

Ragusa: An historical take on the filibuster (op/ed)

What changed, exactly, now that the U.S. Senate has “gone nuclear”? Is this really a big deal? And is this unconstitutional? As a technical matter, last month’s reform wasn’t a change in the Senate’s rules. In “going nuclear,” Harry Reid and Senate Democrats merely “reinterpreted” the rule requiring a three-fifths vote to end debate on […]

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