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Single parents, unmarried couples on rise in S.C., area- Charleston Post and Courier

College of Charleston sociology professor Von Bakanic said finances can explain why several generations may live under the same roof, and financial uncertainty also plays a role in the continued rise of unmarried couples. “People don’t want to make the legal commitment, especially if they see the legal commitment as impermanent,” Bakanic said. “They see […]

C of C students head back to campus- WCIV

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) — After a long summer spent resting and relaxing, students at the college of Charleston head back to campus Friday. And while downtown residents can expect some slow going as those co-ed’s move in. The students themselves are turning to social media to make the most of their first few days back […]

CofC promotes safety as students move in- WCIV

Lt. Oneida Banks with campus police says the College of Charleston will be providing students with safety orientation classes. “Our officers will be on duty as they always are 24 hours seven days a week.¬† We’ll also start joint patrol with the Charleston Police Department,” Banks said.  

Finding unity through book- Charleston Post and Courier

He then heard about the College of Charleston Avery Research Center’s two-day symposium celebrating the 20th anniversary of the release of Dash’s film. They plan to gather scholars and artists from across the country to reflect on the film’s impact. “It really put Gullah life on the map for many people,” said Patricia Williams Lessane, […]

Keeping students healthy- Charleston Post and Courier

Jane Reno-Munro, director of student health services at the College of Charleston, has been on the front lines of student health for nearly 17 years. As students resume classes today, she shares some observations of health patterns and concerns for college students:  

East Coast quake shakes SC and historic Charleston- AP

The earthquake could be felt so far away from its epicenter because the waves created by the ground’s movement travel more easily through the different type tectonic plates along the East Coast, said Erin Beutel, associate professor of geology with the College of Charleston. “What I’ve hearing from people is, ‘What was that thing moving […]

East Coast earthquake: How does a 5.9 temblor happen in Virginia?- Christian Science Monitor

.Crustal collisions 300 million years ago formed the Appalachian Mountains, which would have grown as tall as today’s Himalayas, explains Steven Jaum√©, a geophysicist at the College of Charleston in South Carolina. Then, 200 million years ago, the continents began to split, forming the Atlantic Ocean.

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