Mark Your Calendars for MUSC Night!

Are you studying a health-related field or curious about the programs MUSC has to offer? Head to MUSC Night on Wednesday, November 8th!

The Event: MUSC Night will help CofC students learn about unique and exciting healthcare and education opportunities after they leave CofC.

When & Where: MUSC Night will be hosted…

  • On Wednesday, November 8th, from 4:30-6:00 p.m.
  • In the SSMEB Courtyard (202 Calhoun St)

For more information, check out the provided flyer or email

Neuroscience Laboratory Research Opportunity

The Sato Neuroscience Lab at MUSC is looking for students to join their lab and potentially conduct their Bachelor’s research with them!

The Opportunity: Students will use two-photon imaging, optogenetic tools, and electrophysiology to unravel the fundamental principles that govern information processing in the brainstem and investigate how neurological diseases such as strokes and Alzheimer’s affect neural circuits and behavior.

Benefits: Students can expect to learn how to mount brain slices on slides, cut perfused brains, and potentially even perform surgery. Additionally, students will…

  • Gain experience with manual dexterity and working in a lab environment
  • Improve their general neuroscience knowledge
  • Have opportunities to work on their Bachelor’s Essay, give conference presentations, and even co-author papers!

Great Fit For: Juniors and sophomores studying biology and/or neuroscience.

To Apply: Email Ashley Matunis ( with your resume/CV.

Hack the Harbor at the 2023 HarborHack Hackathon

Charleston Hacks hosts a weekend long hackathon open to the entire community and focused on fostering innovation and collaboration.

When: Friday, October 6 – Sunday, October 8.

The Opportunity: HarborHack is a dynamic event where individuals from all different backgrounds and skill levels work together to develop solutions to real-world problems. This includes software developers, designers, business professionals, subject matter experts, entrepreneurs, and students.

Great Fit For: No prior experience necessary! Anyone interested in technology, innovation, and social impact will have a blast. It’s a great chance to learn, gain real experience, and to meet new people.

Interested? Learn more about the event and then register to participate.

Neuroscience research opportunity at MUSC focused on Huntington’s Disease

Join an innovative study that is looking at potential therapies for individuals afflicted with Huntington’s disease, a progressive neurodegenerative disease.

The Opportunity: Student researchers will support a project that includes sectioning and immunohistochemical analysis of brains of experimental and control animals.


  • Innovative animal research looking at potential therapies for disease states
  • Develop skills related to brain sectioning, staining, and microscopic analysis
  • Potential for eventual research publication and/or presentations

Great Fit For: Biology / Neuroscience / Pre-Med

  • Previous experience working with animal tissue is a plus but is not required.

How to Apply: Statement of interest + resume emailed to Dr. Heather A. Boger (

Pre-med training program for CofC students with the MUSC Department of Neurosurgery

Learn about medicine, surgery, and academic research through NUTIP: An interactive semester-long training program with the MUSC Department of Neurosurgery.

How it works: You’ll shadow MUSC clinicians in the operating room and cadaver lab, participate in clinical rounds, learn neurosurgical research techniques, and more! You’ll gain real-world experience and a thorough understanding of the medical field as a whole.

  • The benefits: Hands-on exposure, a certificate of completion from MUSC, opportunity to publicly present research to a group of residents and physicians.
  • Program timeline: This program will last 15 weeks with opportunities during both the Fall ’23 and Spring ’24 semester. There’s a minimum time commitment of one day a week, though scheduling is flexible.

Great Fit For: Pre-med students / Aspiring neurosurgeons / Future medical researchers

How to apply: Online application by Friday, August 25 at 11:59 p.m.

On-Campus Research Assistantship on Ethics and Artificial Intelligence

Everyone’s talking about AI, and you can contribute to groundbreaking research on where it’s headed.

The Opportunity: The research projects are on the intersection of Ethics and AI. The goal of the project is to evaluate whether an AI software fulfills the ethical requirements.

The Benefits:

  • This opportunity has the potential to be paid
  • Bachelors essay and/or Honors Immersed potential

Great Fit For: CSCI / DATA / MATH / Stats

  • Students who are from underrepresented communities in STEM are preferred.

Next Steps: Interested students should email Professor Ghosh ( by September 10, 2023.

On-campus Employment: The Math Lab is hiring tutors for the Fall semester

Do you love helping classmates with course material?  Have you excelled in math courses at College of Charleston? The College’s Math Lab is currently hiring tutors for the Fall 2023 semester.

Benefits: Tutors receive extensive training in communication strategies, skills for working with diverse populations, and methods of becoming a peer role model. It’s a great way to earn some money while supporting your peers and giving back to the college community.

Great Fit For: Student who have excelled in calculus and/or statistics courses.

How to apply: Through the Center for Student Learning’s application portal.

  • More info: Email the lab’s director Rachel Hunter at with any questions.


Jumpstart Your Post-Grad Career through BMW’s PACE Program

BMW’s Professional Accelerated Cross-Functional Experience (PACE) Program develops entry level professional talent for BMW’s Plant Spartanburg.

The Program: The PACE program provides recent college graduates challenging work experiences in professional roles with both operational and project responsibilities. You will be an integral member of the team in the working areas to which you are assigned and will be given regular direction, training, and performance feedback to launch your professional career with the BMW Group. Each PACE associate also receives formal mentors at various levels in the company.

Great Fit For: Recent or forthcoming grads in: ENGR / CSCI / ACCT / FINC / SCIM

Next Steps: Applications are now open for PACE Group 33, with a January ’24 start date. Check out the job description for more details.

  • Honors Connection: Interested? Email us and we’ll connect you directly with an Honors alum working at BMW.