First Year Experience

General Advising

For detailed instructions on the Honors College Advising Form and the Honors advising process, download these instructions or check out the Honors Mentoring & Advising page.

*Forms for the Bachelor’s Essay or Individual Enrollment-type courses are available through your academic advisor.


Honors Directed

Ready to initiate your Honors Immersed project? There are two steps you need to complete:

1) Complete the Honors Immersed Workflow (linked below), a survey that will ask you for details about the project you are proposing.
2) Both you and your project mentor must sign the Faculty/Supervisor Permission Form (linked below) and submit the signed form to Professor Bryan Ganaway at

Once both the workflow and form have been submitted, please allow 2 to 3 days for processing.


For details on how to set up your Honors College Bachelor’s Essay project, clink the appropriate link below.

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