Honors Mentoring & Advising

Personalized Advising: 

Every student in the Honors College has an assigned Honors faculty mentor for their four years on campus.  This benefit ensures that all Honors students have access to a faculty member who can answer a broad range of questions about academic programs and opportunities. Having at least one faculty who knows each honors student well and over a period of time ensures that students have support for letters of recommendation, networking, and access to internships, research positions, and other academic programs.

This mentor will guide students regarding:

  • Long-term plans and opportunities that align with them
  • Choices about academic program, including major
  • Course selection, particularly before a major is declared and when there are questions about honors courses
  • Decisions about opportunities outside courses that might influence long-term academic and career goals

Mentoring might include course advising early in the college career, but that is not its key component; much of course advising will be done by the major advisor once the major is declared.  Mentoring entails long-term professional development personalized to each student.  The Honors mentor will ask about career goals and make sure that each student is well informed about the many opportunities available on campus.  As seniors, students will still have access to the Honors mentor for the purpose of obtaining letters of recommendation or career advice. More technical questions concerning final degree audits and graduation will be handled by Maria Richardson, who oversees senior initiatives and graduation.

Advising Groups

While there are a number of distinct Honors student groups with built-in advising–students belonging to SPECTRA, the Honors Program in Business (HPB), the International Scholars Program, or the William Aiken Fellows, for example–the majority of Honors students are part of the Honors Core advising group. Those in the Honors Core are assigned an Honors mentor during the fall of their freshman year. Regardless of the group, each semester the Honors mentor will coordinate group or individual meetings, and students are always encouraged to seek individual support as needed. Students will likely find supportive mentors associated with your degree program or other activities so that individual meetings with the Honors mentor may not always be necessary.  All students must follow the instructions of their mentor regarding a group or individual meeting to ensure that they stay on track with requirements and so that the honors hold may be lifted.

While mentoring and advising can take many shapes over your four years in the Honors College, there are particular expectations for each year.

Freshmen Year

All freshmen will receive their advising for spring classes in BGS.  There will also be individual or group meetings with peer facilitators or the Honors mentor either in or out of BGS.  In their second semester, freshmen will continue to have access to the peer advising network and will meet with the Honors mentor either as a group or individually to select classes for fall semester of their sophomore year and for professional development.

Sophomore Year

All sophomores will meet with their Honors mentor once a semester to confirm classes and continue professional development.   All students are required to declare a major during their sophomore year, so from this point on much of the course advising will be handled by the departments. However, all sophomores must follow the instruction of their Honors mentor about required group or individual meetings to ensure that the Honors hold is lifted.

Junior Year

Juniors will meet with their Honors mentor at least once this year (or more often if the student feels that it is necessary).  Most course advising will be done by the major advisor and other academic and professional mentors that the student has identified.  Again, juniors should follow the instructions of their Honors mentor about required meetings to ensure that the Honors hold is lifted.

Senior Year

Seniors should meet with their Honors mentor at least once during senior year. Seniors should also meet with the major advisor in the fall to plan for spring registration and degree completion in the major. All seniors will also work with Maria Richardson as they apply for graduation.

Releasing Holds & Signing Up for Classes

Each semester students will follow the same basic procedures to get the Honors hold released and sign up for classes.

  • Download the advising form from the HUB.
  • Fill out a preliminary schedule based on your 4-year planner or PACE Navigator (forms are on the HUB, but students should plan to build on the Navigator that they create in BGS).
  • Make the appropriate appointments or sign up for a group session with your advisors/mentors.  For example, for freshmen this might include (a) your peer facilitator, (b) your major advisor, (c) your Honors mentor.  Your Honors mentor will let you know what the requirements are for your advising group.
  • Upload your resume and Navigator to the OAKS Advising Site (see information on OAKS advising under the last tab).
  • Get the necessary signatures on your form (Honors mentor, and major advisor if you have declared).
  • Return the completed form to the Honors Center by the deadline for your graduating class.

Please remember that it is your responsibility to follow all registration procedures and complete them in time if you wish to participate in priority registration.  All dates and procedures are listed on the HUB, so you have all the information you need to complete this task on time.

All student can find their advisors by signing into Degree Works. Advisors working with Honors College students are as follows:

  • Honors Core: Trisha Folds-Bennett, Beth Meyer-Bernstein, Anton Vander Zee, Bryan Ganaway, Lancie Affonso, Brooke Permenter, and Kendall Deas
  • SPECTRA: Trisha Folds-Bennett & Chris Korey
  • Medical Humanities: Beth Meyer-Bernstein
  • Honors Program in Business: Roxane DeLaurell
  • E-LLC: Lancie Affonso
  • William Aiken Fellows: Trisha Folds-Bennett
  • International Scholars Program: Bryan Ganaway
  • Students with Provisional Status: Trisha Folds-Bennett &  Bryan Ganaway

Maria Richardson is the graduation coordinator for all seniors.


How to Use your Oaks Advising “Course”

Students in the Honors College are classified according to their projected year of graduation (Class of 2015, Class of 2016, etc). Each class has an OAKS Advising Site that works just like an OAKS course site. You will use this site to upload your resume and your Navigator before the advising process starts each fall as requested by your Honors advisor.  When you log in to OAKS, you will see the advising site in your list of courses.

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