For Seniors

May 2020 Graduates

Prior to Graduation:

  • Apply to graduate on MyCharleston prior to Saturday, February 1st
  • Submit Honors Ceremony Survey by noon on Tuesday, February 25th
  • Bachelor’s Essay Presentation Survey – This brief survey is a way for us to compile a list of dates, times, and locations for public presentations of your Bachelor’s Essays.  The Honors team is very proud of your work and hopes to celebrate it with as many of you as possible.  Please complete this survey by March 15th.
  • Submit Senior Profile by noon on Friday, April 3rd (Note: link to the profile will be added soon)
  • Attend Dessert with the Dean – information on how to sign up for your meeting will be released in March.
  • Email with 4-5 of your favorite photos from your time at CofC by noon on Friday, April 10th
  • Submit Bachelor’s Essay to Honors Online Repository by noon on Wednesday, April 22nd. The Bachelor’s Essay will be due to your professor at a time that you have agreed upon with them. Ask your professor about his or her deadline. See Instructions for Completing and Submitting your Bachelor’s Essay on the next tab of this page
  • Order your bound copy of Bachelor’s Essay using this form.
  • Social Media – Remember to join the College of Charleston Honors College Alumni LinkedIn group.


Friday, May 8, 2020, 9am
Charleston Music Hall, 37 John Street
Reception to follow 

Note that although we would love to host all of your extended family for the ceremony and reception, this is a ticketed event.  Each student will be able to pick up a maximum of five guest tickets for the ceremony and reception.  These tickets will be available for pick up Wednesday, April 29th and will be available through noon the following Wednesday, May 6th in the Honors Center Office during normal business hours, M-F, 8:30am – 5:00pm.

If you have questions about any of the above, please email 

Please read the following information regarding your Bachelor’s Essay. There are also steps below explaining how to submit the Bachelor’s Essay to the online repository. PLEASE NOTE: You must use a computer on campus when accessing the online repository. Additionally, the wireless network in residence halls will not provide you access to submit your Bachelor’s Essay.

Instructions for Completing and Submitting your Bachelor’s Essay to the Honors College Repository

To fulfill Honors College requirements, you must submit the following—using the relevant Honors College forms attached —by Wednesday, April 22nd at noon:

  1. An electronic copy of your Bachelor’s Essay, with the official Title Page form, submitted through the Electronic Bachelor’s Essay system.
  2. It is the choice of the advisor(s) whether to use a title page which requires signature(s) or to use a title page without signature(s)

Please note that you will submit a final version of your Bachelor’s Essay to your BE Advisor (and, if relevant, your Secondary Reader) in advance of the official submission deadline to allow time for final reading and approval.

If you have a single Bachelor’s Essay Advisor and no Secondary Reader, please complete the Single Advisor BE Electronic Title Page and the Single Advisor BE Signature Page.

If you have a Secondary Reader as well as a Primary Advisor, please complete the Secondary Reader BE Electronic Title Page and Secondary Reader BE Signature Page.

Please complete the relevant forms as follows:

  • Where indicated by brackets on the forms, please enter:
    • Your Bachelor’s Essay title
    • Your degree (Bachelor of Arts and/or Bachelor of Science degree)
    • Your major(s)
    • Your name
    • The date and year of graduation (e.g. May 2019)
    • The name of your BE Advisor and, if relevant, the Secondary Reader
    • Remove all brackets and replace all red text with black text
  • Cut-and-Paste the edited Title Page as a single page at the start of your Bachelor’s Essay before submitting it electronically by Friday, May 3rd at noon.

If you wish to order a bound copy please return the order form, check, and a printed copy of your Bachelor’s Essay to Mary Moser by Friday, May 24, 2019.  See the ‘FORMS’ tab for details.

Submitting Your Bachelor’s Essay Electronically

The new online submission system for Honors College Bachelor’s Essays provides a simple process for describing and uploading your essay.

Once submitted, your submission will be reviewed and then published to the Institutional Repository portal provided by College of Charleston Libraries.

Let’s begin!


Step 1. Visit and Register

The submission system requires you to register as a new user on your first visit. It does not automatically work with your existing student account. Therefore, you will first need to proceed to to register. You will be taken to the following page.


Input your email address and click ‘Register’. You will be notified that a confirmation email has been sent to your account. Then navigate to your email inbox, where you will shortly find an email message like the one below. Note: the email you receive will contain a different address ( than the example image below.


Click the link provided in the email, and you will be taken back to the student submission system, where you will see the form below. Fill this form out, and click ‘Complete Registration’. You are now successfully registered with the system.


Step 2. Begin Submission

Once registration is complete, you will be taken to the initial submission system page below.


Click ‘Start your submission’. You will be directed to the beginning of submission process (See the screenshot in Step 3).

Step 3. Verify Personal Information

For this step, note that your name has been filled in with the name you chose during registration. PLEASE NOTE THAT FIELDS IN BOLD WITH AN ASTERISK ARE REQUIRED.

To complete Step 1, please input the department for which this essay was completed, your degree and major, and a permanent email address where you can be reached. If you have an additional degree and major, please input them in the optional Additional fields. Once done, click ‘Save and Continue’.


Step 4. License Agreement

The next step of the process is a simple License Agreement. To continue, check the box at the bottom reading ‘By checking here you agree to the above license in its entirety’ and click ‘Save and Continue’. Please note that this license only seeks to confirm your consent for submitting your paper to the system for online publication. You, the author, still hold all copyright control over your work.


Step 5. Document Information

The next step is to describe your document. The full page can be seen below. On this page, please fill out all required fields and whatever optional fields are relevant to you. This includes:

  • Title
  • Your graduation date (Month and Year)
  • The type of document you are submitting (only ‘Bachelor’s Essay’ is available)
  • An optional abstract
  • A semicolon-separated list of keywords related to your essay. These keywords will help make your document more searchable later on.

You will also need to list any Bachelor’s Essay Advisors involved with your work. Be sure to check the ‘Primary Advisor’ box next to your Primary Advisor. This is required. The email of your Primary Advisor is also required. If you have any secondary readers, be sure to list those as well.

Finally, on this page, there are embargo options for you to choose from. An embargo is a request on your part as the author to delay the publication of your submission. This will typically only be relevant if your article is soon to be published in another publication and must not be published elsewhere beforehand. Current options for embargos as ‘No Embargo, ‘File Embargo’, and ‘Full External Embargo. If you are OK with your essay being published and made available immediately, please select ‘No Embargo’ and click ‘Save and Continue’. Otherwise, please select the Embargo Option relevant to you.


Step 6. Upload Your Files

On this page, you can upload your primary essay document as well as supplementary files. The primary document must be in PDF format, but supplementary files can be in other formats (such as Excel or PowerPoint files). Once you choose each file, click ‘Upload’. Once complete, click ‘Save and Continue’.


Step 7. Confirm & Submit

You’re almost done! Review the information you have entered to be sure it is correct. If anything is incorrect, click the ‘edit your information’ link below the relevant section to make changes. If you are satisfied with the fields, click ‘Confirm and Submit’.


Step 8. Completion

Your paper should now be submitted. You will receive an email confirmation similar to the one below. At this point, the paper will be reviewed. Upon approval, your essay will be published electronically to the Library’s Institutional Repository system at



Bachelor’s Essay Order Form
Bachelor’s Essay Title Pages and Advisor Forms

It is the choice of the advisor(s) whether to use a title page which requires signature(s) or to use a title page without signature(s).

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