Summer Enrichment Resources



**We've moved! Looking for details about the program and its application process? It's all available on the new Honors College Summer Enrichment Program webpage.**

Applications for the 2024 Honors Summer Enrichment Program are now open. Apply through our new webpage by February 23 to be considered for the program.


General Tips

Start looking early. The more time you allow yourself to plan, the more likely you are to find an opportunity that meets your goals and vision. Also remember that most applications are due in the middle of spring semester, and you'll be balancing the application process with your regular work- and life-load.

You can never apply to too many opportunities. Try to apply for a diversity of opportunities that align with your anticipated career path. You might not find the perfect opportunity, but most experiences will be worthwhile. National opportunities can be pretty competitive, so make sure you apply to a handful.

Utilize your resources and connections. Don't go it alone. Take advantage of all the resources and connections available to you through the CofC community. As with finding a full-time job, interpersonal networking remains the best route to landing a substantive summer opportunity.

Apply like it's your job. Not only is summer a great opportunity to gain valuable career experience, it's also an opportunity to practice applying for your future career. Regardless of your summer plans, focusing on your resume and practicing your interview skills will increase your chances of success, both now and in the future.

Get out of your comfort zone. Summer is a time for immersion and exploration. Sometimes that means seeking out an opportunity that may be in another state or another country. Take the opportunity to test some new waters and take a few risks.

Think outside the box. Summer experiences don't have to be limited to study abroad, research, or conventional internships. Consider alternative means of gaining relevant experience like volunteering or community impact projects.

Where to Find Opportunities

College resources…
Student Opportunity Center
Honors HUB
Career Center Experiential Learning Opportunities
Washington D.C. internships
Center for International Education: Study Abroad
Center for Civic Engagement Volunteer Opportunities
URCA research opportunities

Internet resources…
Campus Career Center
The Internship Series Online (Log in with the College of Charleston's Username (Charleston) and Password (GoCougars) for information on over 2,800 organizations offering internships and summer jobs for students)
Work for Good
Trident United Way volunteer opportunities in Charleston

Your network…
Talk about potential opportunities with…
- Your Honors Advisor
- Your Honors Career Coach
- Your Peers (particularly upperclass students who already undertook a summer experience comparable to the one you're envisioning)

How to Fund your Summer Plans

These campus funding opportunities will give you a sense of what's available, but also be sure to expand your search beyond the options below.

Summer Undergraduate Research with Faculty (SURF) grant (Deadline February 10, 2023)
SSM Summer Research Awards (Deadline February 10, 2023)
LCWA Scholarships for Study Abroad (Deadline February 15, 2023)
LCWA Public Service Internship Award (Deadline March 15, 2023)
Honors College Summer Enrichment Program (Deadline February 28, 2023)
HSS Fisher Parker Travel Award (Deadline April 25, 2023)
HSS Internship Award (Deadline April 25, 2023)
HSS Study Abroad Award (Deadline April 25, 2023)
POLI John Creed Award (Deadline May 1, 2023)
School of Business Student Success Center Summer Internship Award (Deadline TBD)
School of the Arts Departmental Travel Scholarships (Deadlines vary)

You can also search for additional scholarships on CSAS (here's a guide on how to search for CIE study abroad scholarships on CSAS).