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Club Business Meeting

Good news:

For our budget we found out that our allocation of funds by SGA to attend Grace Hopper is not zero like it was last year, and they are allowing us to apply for contingency funds (can cover up to 75% of costs).  To do this we must show how GHC will help us academically, which should not be too tricky!  Remember that you must at least apply for the scholarship (Due April 15th) if you would like to receive any funds from the club.

Upcoming Event Notes:

  • Volunteer for DigSouth!
  •  Fast Enterprise is coming next week and will be raffling off a speaker and there will be pizza!
  • April 20th @ 6:00 pm we will be doing Women’s Self Defense so be on the look out for more information.
  • Fill out a survey for end of the year social!
  • Go to ACM to get Fast Enterprises to look at your resume!

Ideas to Fundraise:

  • Another panini sale
  • Midnight bake sale
  • Raffle
  • Bake sale at the Citadel
  • Percent nights

Next year:

  • Sponsorship requests from companies for next year (letters should be sent out this year)
  • Krista from Dynepic will be coming next year!
  • Cistern Yard movie night
    • Her
    • Imitation Game
  • Bowling Night
  • Sky Zone
  • Charleston Rush
  • Frankie’s Fun Park
  • Coastal Climbing


  • Bios are due online by April 3rd
  • We will use a Google form for elections on April 9th
    • Those who are running will be explaining why they are a good candidate for the position at our meeting on April 9th

STEAM Night at Joseph R. Pye Elementary

We attended the Joseph R. Pye Elementary STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) night on March 24th and had a great time interacting with the kids there!  Our table had information for parents to find out more about our club and the Wonderworks robots, Dash and Dot.  The kids had a lot of fun learning some of the basics about how to use the robots and we showed them how to use the three apps that are used to control the robots.  Lily and I were both surprised and overjoyed to find out that many of the students had already done some of the activities with Scratch.  They loved seeing a similar user interface in the coding app for the robots.  It was amazing to see the joy on their faces as they used the apps to make the robots move around and make noises.  I think some of the parents will definitely think about purchasing these robots for their kids as they asked us for more information about them!  There were lots of familiar tech companies that also had tables at this event such as Dynepic, Boeing, and The Iron Yard.


JTE Marketing

John Tripolsky, CEO:

  • They will be looking for interns for the summertime
    • for market research
  • all in one shop for marketing essentially
    • websites, apps, social media, branding etc.
    • digital and traditional marketing
    • one of the ways they have grown really fast
  • looking outside of Charleston
    • office in Detroit, San diego, and Raleigh
    • some co-op space
    • charleston based company, but also go outside
  • work well on a timeline
  • everyone is very different at the company
  • projects and steps
    • different departments, but there is overlap
    • copyright teams, website teams, social media teams
    • implementation is crucial to prevent failure
    • 4 people in Charleston, 22 people overall in the company, and probably 40 with contractors
  • New office on broad street
    • before people worked virtually
  • Starting a company
    • will fail multiple times before find something that works
  • Resume/Job application advice:
    • Should understand how the company you work for is structured, will make you much more valuable
    • what makes you different than other people (especially on resumes), get specific
    • think about what you can do that will get you the job
    • stick to one page if possible
    • got one resume that was just a blank piece of paper and said call me for more information, sort of funny
    • may be interesting to create a website with a specific page for interests, experience, maybe a 30 sec video & include the URL in your resume
    • don’t use a QR code
    • should check your cover letter, look at it in outlook, gmail, on your phone etc.  to be sure the font doesn’t change too much
    • they are not necessarily looking for smart people, but creative people
    • teach yourself something
    • meeting and networking is the most key for them
      • never really ask for a job – get to know them
      • ask them what they are doing and be interested in it, lets them get to know you, you are selling yourself essentially
  • Staying in Charleston
    • people want to live here, but can be tricky to find a job, especially in marketing
    • get ideas/influence from other cities as well
      • can lead to you having a different outlook
  • Business Improvements
    • Started having a sales team this year
    • Definitely looking to grow in the future, pretty comfortable size right now
    • company grows itself, want to keep the creativity up
    • have to be fluid, changing based on location and ideas, not a static way to do things
  • Training?
    • inDesign or adobe and what not should really know beforehand
    • 95% of tech work (websites, social, etc)
    • Think about the content of a job, in terms of whatever you are building, delivering it is what makes it worth it
    • website understanding
    • web apps and mobile apps
  • Good mobile apps now cost $100,000-200,000