Archive | October 2016


This week, Lee-Anne Scalley from One-in-a-Mil came to Women in Computing and had an informal chat about the challenges and exhilaration of becoming an entrepreneur. While working in Corporate America, she always had a desire to do more and create something of her own. She decided to take a leap and started One-in-a-Mil to help build culture-driven organizations. Scalley’s philosophy is to hire based on “culture first, aptitude second, and resume third.”

Scalley has definitely made it over quite a few hurdles in starting her company with only¬†$35,000. However, Scalley’s entrepreneurial mindset kept her driven. She noted that creativity, independence, and the constant need for change were great reasons to pursue an entrepreneurial pathway. Scalley also advised club members to be creative, plan, act on those plans, seek a mentor/board of directors, and look for shadowing opportunities . Most importantly, she wanted everyone to remember to trust themselves to execute those tasks. For information about Lee-Anne Scalley and One-in-a-Mil, visit their website.