If you have ever had dreams of being an entrepreneur or creating something in a collaborative setting, then you should check out Interdisciplinary Center for Applied Technology, or ICAT! Dr. Starr came into WIC to speak about ICAT and the opportunities that it affords to students, which includes becoming a member of a development team, possibly founding an international tech company, or becoming employed by one. Students have the opportunity to meet mentors from local companies as they grow through their ideas and business plans, as well as travel to meet with experts in the field. The ICAT programs that afford these opportunities include the ICAT Accelerator (fall and spring semesters), ICAT Genius Hour, ICAT Global Estonia, and ICAT Academy San Francisco. For more information about the ICAT programs, visit their page or contact Dr. Starr!


This week, Lee-Anne Scalley from One-in-a-Mil came to Women in Computing and had an informal chat about the challenges and exhilaration of becoming an entrepreneur. While working in Corporate America, she always had a desire to do more and create something of her own. She decided to take a leap and started One-in-a-Mil to help build culture-driven organizations. Scalley’s philosophy is to hire based on “culture first, aptitude second, and resume third.”

Scalley has definitely made it over quite a few hurdles in starting her company with only $35,000. However, Scalley’s entrepreneurial mindset kept her driven. She noted that creativity, independence, and the constant need for change were great reasons to pursue an entrepreneurial pathway. Scalley also advised club members to be creative, plan, act on those plans, seek a mentor/board of directors, and look for shadowing opportunities . Most importantly, she wanted everyone to remember to trust themselves to execute those tasks. For information about Lee-Anne Scalley and One-in-a-Mil, visit their website.

Sylleste Davis

We welcomed Sylleste Davis as our first speaker of the year!

  • She is now retired, but had worked at Santee Cooper previously
  • Alum of C of C from 1983
  • Her interest in Computer Science
    • Liked analytical things
    • Grace Hopper was one of her Heros as one of the first women in computing
    • Majored in Math, took some computer science classes – in COBOL
  • She liked computer science, but not the classes
    • In class she felt like the things they were doing didn’t really matter
    • Her senior year, Santee Cooper came on campus and she started working there
    • Was worried that she wouldn’t like her job because she didn’t like the classes
    • Liked it though and was happy because she felt like what she was doing mattered
  • Later, she went back to school and earned her masters
  • Was in IT from the 1980s through 2000
  • Wanted to know about what was happening in the future
    • History is important to see how the things in the past lead to what we will have in the future
    • Was able to see the first business email systems, some of the first security issues, the integration of voice and data
  • Liked computer science because it was like a big puzzle
  • Lessons learned
    • IT is interesting
    • Constantly Changing
    • Always better/different way
    • Meaningful
    • Lucrative
  • Her thoughts on how to increase the number of women in tech
    • Start exposure to computer science in middle schools
    • Do a better job integrating CS into high school curriculum
    • Make AP Computer Science more widely available
    • Make available more scholarships and internships
    • Stop “dumbing down” and perpetuating the stereotypes – this is just not necessary
    • Don’t let someone else define who you are – go with your gifts, your intuition, and be courageous
    • Don’t let tedium get in the way of doing something meaningful
    • Don’t pay attention to what those around you are doing or how they look – stay your course and remain confident in your abilities
    • The future of IT is exciting!  Be in the middle of it!

First Meeting of the Year

Yesterday we had our first meeting of the year which went very well!  We wanted to welcome in all of our new members so we did some introductions and ice breakers.

Afterwards, we wanted to put a focus on all of the different ways students can become involved in the department and advance their careers as undergraduates.  We spoke about internships, research, becoming a student ambassador or TA, and more.  Additionally, our returning members shared what they each did over the summer!

We brainstormed some potential events for the semester such as a bowling meet and greet and a few fundraising activities.  We hope to also continue to participate in outreach projects in the area.

Overall, it was a great first meeting!

Fast Enterprises

About Fast Enterprises

  • GenTax product
  • Combination of consulting and tech essentially
  • be open to relocation every 2-5 years
  • some international options

Career Tips

  • Start early
    • budget your time
    • broaden your search
      • every company out there probably needs people in software
      • don’t only look at software specific companies
      • be adaptable
    • browse the career fair guide to see what companies you would like to take to
      • there is usually a career fair guide
      • research beforehand to decide where you want to go and map it out
    • probably don’t want to go to every single booth if they don’t have what they are looking for
    • start to think as a professional, update your voicemail, social media, etc
      • don’t post something you wouldn’t want your grandma to see
      • be professional in your emails
        • use complete sentences
        • correct capitalization
    • even as a freshman it is good to go to the career fair and make connections even if you don’t have a resume yet
    • keep track of the companies you talk to and positions apply to
      • could use an excel document or a notebook
      • print out the job description of what you apply for
  • Networking
    • utilize all opportunities
      • don’t be afraid to talk to people
    • friends, relatives, neighbors
      • don’t just ask for a job
      • show interest in the company: I’m really interested in what you do, it would be great if you would tell me more about it!
    • broadcast yourself
      • connect on LinkedIn too
    • even if you aren’t sure that you will want a position, it’s good for practice
    • getting started is the hardest part
  • Research
    • watch for areas in high demand
    • utilize company websites
      • find out as much info as you can before meeting with them
      • make sure the company is also a good fit for you
      • look at reviews too – glassdoor
    • search all medias
      • facebook, instagram, twitter
  • Be proactive
    • contact employers
      • fine line with this
      • don’t overwhelm them
    • check back
      • good to reconnect if see new things with the company
      • explain that still interested
        • don’t do this TOO often though
      • explain what have been working on recently
      • be respectful of these employees time
        • never burn bridges
    • continue to build your network
  • Different companies will have different opinions, so take everything with a grain of salt
    • Sample outline
      • contact information
        • be sure it is up to date and you can be reached
      • objective statement
        • only use if have a reason for it
        • not just I’m a senior looking for a full-time software development position
    • Education
      • Where you go
      • When you graduate
      • Major/Minor
      • Include GPA if over 3.0
    • Work Experience
      • it’s okay if it doesn’t relate specifically to the job
      • handling customers, working in a team, can help
    • Accomplishments/skills
      • want to know the tech skills that you have
      • okay to include even if a beginner
        • show proficiency
    • Optional Topics if have extra space
      • honors/publications
      • hobbies/interests
      • professional memberships
      • extracurricular activities
    • Tailor the resume to the job you want
      • headings, titles, etc.
      • organize specifically for the employer
    • Make it stand out
      • re-arrange sections to accentuate your skills
      • eye catching at first glance
      • not too much going on though
    • Sell yourself
      • quantify your accomplishments
      • sell the benefits of your skills
    • Analyze the job descriptions
      • identify key words
      • identify and solve the employer’s needs
    • Prioritize Content
      • Organize statements by importance
      • utilize lists and be brief, but accurate
    • Create an Image
      • your resume directly reflects you
      • don’t be afraid to personalize
        • read your audience though
    • Don’t need to put relevant courses on resume
      • could include a special team project though
    • Don’t need to include the References available upon request
    • Probably should list tangible related skills
      • not necessarily list flexible, prompt, etc
    • Resume should be one page – with a new hire
  • Cover letters
    • sort of company by company
    • maybe use to get them to read your resume essentially
    • definitely is not a negative thing
    • don’t make it too wordy
    • don’t just repeat everything from resume, should add to the resume in some way
  • Career Fair Day
    • Dress
      • one chance to make a first impression
    • dress for the job you want
    • Approaching the booth
      • hand shake
      • confidence
        • eye contact
      • have an introduction
        • have an elevator pitch
    • Leaving the booth
      • ask for contact information
      • keep yourself organized
        • write a note maybe as you walk away so you remember
      • know next steps
        • ask what the next thing to do to apply is
  • Interview
    • Plan Ahead
      • research the company
      • have your facts ready
      • arrive early and look your best
    • Be positive
      • project energy and enthusiasm
      • utilize eye contact
      • be sincere and truthful
    • Adapt
      • be sensitive to the style of the interviewer
      • relate to the interviewer and the company
        • people like to talk about themselves, maybe ask some questions if you find something in common
      • integrate answers that pertain to the company
        • be able to tell them what you know about the company
        • what sort of other research have you done on the company – want you to be serious about the company
    • Ask Questions
      • show interest in the company
      • use these to focus your responses
      • make sure the company is right for you
  •  Post Interview
    • Gather information
      • inquire about the timeline
      • collect contact info
      • always know the next steps before leaving
    • Send a thank you
      • a quick letter or email
      • show professionalism
      • another way to stand out
        • shows you prioritize
        • extra interest
  • Start their search in September if graduating in May
  • Look in the summer if graduating in December
  • FAST has about a 4-6 week turnaround

Club Business Meeting

Good news:

For our budget we found out that our allocation of funds by SGA to attend Grace Hopper is not zero like it was last year, and they are allowing us to apply for contingency funds (can cover up to 75% of costs).  To do this we must show how GHC will help us academically, which should not be too tricky!  Remember that you must at least apply for the scholarship (Due April 15th) if you would like to receive any funds from the club.

Upcoming Event Notes:

  • Volunteer for DigSouth!
  •  Fast Enterprise is coming next week and will be raffling off a speaker and there will be pizza!
  • April 20th @ 6:00 pm we will be doing Women’s Self Defense so be on the look out for more information.
  • Fill out a survey for end of the year social!
  • Go to ACM to get Fast Enterprises to look at your resume!

Ideas to Fundraise:

  • Another panini sale
  • Midnight bake sale
  • Raffle
  • Bake sale at the Citadel
  • Percent nights

Next year:

  • Sponsorship requests from companies for next year (letters should be sent out this year)
  • Krista from Dynepic will be coming next year!
  • Cistern Yard movie night
    • Her
    • Imitation Game
  • Bowling Night
  • Sky Zone
  • Charleston Rush
  • Frankie’s Fun Park
  • Coastal Climbing


  • Bios are due online by April 3rd
  • We will use a Google form for elections on April 9th
    • Those who are running will be explaining why they are a good candidate for the position at our meeting on April 9th

JTE Marketing

John Tripolsky, CEO:

  • They will be looking for interns for the summertime
    • for market research
  • all in one shop for marketing essentially
    • websites, apps, social media, branding etc.
    • digital and traditional marketing
    • one of the ways they have grown really fast
  • looking outside of Charleston
    • office in Detroit, San diego, and Raleigh
    • some co-op space
    • charleston based company, but also go outside
  • work well on a timeline
  • everyone is very different at the company
  • projects and steps
    • different departments, but there is overlap
    • copyright teams, website teams, social media teams
    • implementation is crucial to prevent failure
    • 4 people in Charleston, 22 people overall in the company, and probably 40 with contractors
  • New office on broad street
    • before people worked virtually
  • Starting a company
    • will fail multiple times before find something that works
  • Resume/Job application advice:
    • Should understand how the company you work for is structured, will make you much more valuable
    • what makes you different than other people (especially on resumes), get specific
    • think about what you can do that will get you the job
    • stick to one page if possible
    • got one resume that was just a blank piece of paper and said call me for more information, sort of funny
    • may be interesting to create a website with a specific page for interests, experience, maybe a 30 sec video & include the URL in your resume
    • don’t use a QR code
    • should check your cover letter, look at it in outlook, gmail, on your phone etc.  to be sure the font doesn’t change too much
    • they are not necessarily looking for smart people, but creative people
    • teach yourself something
    • meeting and networking is the most key for them
      • never really ask for a job – get to know them
      • ask them what they are doing and be interested in it, lets them get to know you, you are selling yourself essentially
  • Staying in Charleston
    • people want to live here, but can be tricky to find a job, especially in marketing
    • get ideas/influence from other cities as well
      • can lead to you having a different outlook
  • Business Improvements
    • Started having a sales team this year
    • Definitely looking to grow in the future, pretty comfortable size right now
    • company grows itself, want to keep the creativity up
    • have to be fluid, changing based on location and ideas, not a static way to do things
  • Training?
    • inDesign or adobe and what not should really know beforehand
    • 95% of tech work (websites, social, etc)
    • Think about the content of a job, in terms of whatever you are building, delivering it is what makes it worth it
    • website understanding
    • web apps and mobile apps
  • Good mobile apps now cost $100,000-200,000




  • Been with Verizon for 10 years
  • Currently a consultant aka a recruiter, her permanent position is a tech supporter
  • A lot about career development and community
  • Looking for people who want to stay for the long run


  • Been with the company for 3 years
  • Started off in customer service moved to tech support and now help people with transitioning between the two
  • Verizon is more than just cell phones, they have a lot of other technologies like light bulbs, nest thermostats, and the GizmoPal
  • They’re location is the hub for accessibility

About Verizon

  • Verizon builds relationships with customers and want to make their lives easier, better, and more manageable
  • Integrated messages between phones and tablets
  • Sell wireless cameras for homes which are super awesome
  • Internet of Things
    • Gear watches
    • Smart bands
    • Thermostats
    • Lightbulbs
    • etc.

Resume Tips

  • Looking for some who really stands out
  • Clean consistent format
  • Be creative
  • Bullet points not paragraphs
  • Put your professional blog on resume, if there is one
  • Put your volunteer work!
  • Objective: cater object to specific company because it helps you stand out


-Check out the new WiC website
-Alumni Symposium is on the 17th, register for that.
-If you want to go to Grace Hopper, work on a poster that you can submit that will increase your chances to receive scholarship
-If you are interested in running for officer next year, contact Sarah.

SCANA Corporation
– Ginny Nardozzi
– Been in business since 160 years
– Most IT jobs are in Cayce, SC
– Mission: to provide energy-related products
– Have a solar strategy
– Building new nuclear deployment that will be online by 2020
– Have great benefits
– Ginny works in Information Service & Technology
– IT department has about 400 people
– Go to to look for jobs/internships
– Internships: from May to August, schedule is very flexible
– Co-op: want you to work a full day
– Email Ginny for any questions:



– go check out the new website!

Denise Gosnell

-Got undergrad in math then a Masters in mathematics, got a PhD in computer science in Tennessee

-Worked with Sheryl Sandberg and helped write second book

-Ted Tanner told her she was going to be a data scientist, even though she was looking to be a software engineer

About the company

– Two offices: business is in the Valley and engineering here in Charleston.

– Ted Tanner is the CTO – has worked on many startups and with Apple and Microsoft

– PokitDok is a platform for the business of health and health insurance

– They have 6 data scientist, which is a lot compared to People Matter who only has one data scientist

– They’re a Python house

Data Science in Industry

– A combination of math and science, hacking skills, and subject expertise

– 80% is getting data, cleansing data, and organizing data, 20% is analysis and taking action

– Tools used for cleaning: Python, Pandas data frames, GraphLabs

– Tools used for analysis: GraphLab, Spark

–  Tools used for visualization: Scikit-learn, SciPy, Gephi

– Data scientist hold data and think of ways to distribute back to the public in a way so that it makes sense

– “You’re not coding hard enough if you aren’t breaking anything”

– Open source code on GitHub

– Ted believes in quality over quantity