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Grace Hopper

Hopefully, everyone had a great Thanksgiving break at Cofc! Before we went on break, we WIC had a candid discussion about the Grace Hopper Conference experience, which celebrates the presence of women in computing and technology. As the worlds largest technical conference for women in computing, thousands of attendees poured into Texas in order to learn about more opportunities for women in computing. The Grace Hopper Conference receives support from various sponsors that set up their own booths and are willing to speak with novices, who are seeking internships or career advice, as well as seasoned professionals. Some of these sponsors include Apple, Google, Microsoft, The Walt Disney Company, Khan Academy, and Girls Who Code. Students can apply for the GHC scholarship to get the chance to attend the conference. However, graduates can also use the ABI-Heinz College Partnership available on the Grace Hopper website in order to apply for scholarship money for tuition at Heinz College. It is highly encouraged that you apply for the scholarship and attend this mind-opening conference.