We are always looking for sponsors to help support our club!

We do not receive much financial support from the school currently, so we need more funds to support all of the things we want to do as a club!  We plan to subsidize the costs for the club members based on the amount of money we have.  If you would like to donate money to go to a specific event, please let us know.  The sponsors will be featured on our website, in our emails to the Computer Science Department, and in other ways when possible!  Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits:

  • Gold: $2,000
    • We will host a special event with your company outside of our meeting.
    • All of the benefits of the other levels of sponsorship
  • Silver: $1,000
    • Your logo will go onto our next order of t-shirts
    • Your company will be mentioned as a sponsor in all of our department emails
    • Also the benefits of the bronze level of sponsorship
  • Bronze: $500
    • We will dedicate one of our meetings for you to come in and promote your company
    • We will list you as one of our sponsors on our website

Some of the things we would like to do:

  • Outreach Project at local schools using toy robots (approx. $1000)
  • T-Shirts (approx. $500)
  • Food for meetings (approx. $100 per meeting)
  • Social Event (approx. $300-$500)
  • Attend the Grace Hopper Celebration 2015 (Houston, TX)
    • Flight – (approx. $350 per person)
    • Hotel – (approx. $250-$300 per night for 4 people)
      • 4 nights of hotel needed ($1,000 – $1,200)
    • Conference Fee – (approx. $325 per student – based on last year’s cost)
    • Total Cost Per Student (approx. $1,000)
  • Other Conferences
    • Carolinas Women in Computing


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