Ready, Set, CLOSE!

Excited for the holidays? Ready for finals to be over and out of the way? Dreaming of all that holiday food and winter snoozes coming up soon?

Winter break is just a few days away and everyone is hard at work preparing for the end of the semester, and the start of a new season. In the midst of all the studying, packing, and making travel plans, there are a few things to remember so closing can go smoothly.

Check out these closing must-do’s┬áto ensure that you get to enjoy your break stress-free!

Sign up for a check-out time

Your RA will have sign up sheets available to you, so make sure you sign up for a time 24 hours in advance. Your room must be ready for checkout when your RA arrives!

Pack all important items

Leave nothing valuable! If your community closes, the building will be locked and off-limits for the three weeks of break, so make sure you take everything you’ll need or want with you.

Throw away old food

Don’t come back to a moldy or smelly room! Make sure to dispose of anything perishable to avoid bugs or a mess.

Clean your room/suite

Your RA will give you a half-sheet where you can sign up for specific cleaning duties. Make sure you and your suite-mates sign up for a fair amount of work so everyone does their part in cleaning!


Anything that goes into an outlet must be unplugged before break! Save energy!

Turn off your lights

All lights should be turned off before leaving for break, see above!

Blinds half-shut

Make sure windows are shut and locked, and blinds are down halfway and closed halfway.

Set your thermostat to 74 degrees

Set your thermostat to AUTO and at 74 degrees before you leave for break.

Don’t forget to scan out at the front desk before you leave

Even if you are returning for the Spring semester, you MUST have the RA or DA at the desk scan your cougar card with an iPod the same way they did when you first moved in. This ensures that you are checked out of the Fall semester. You’ll scan back in in the Spring!

Questions? Ask your ResLife staff!

Happy Closing!

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