Ways to Love YOURSELF this Valentine’s Day!

Who says Valentine’s Day has to be all about the romance? If you ask us, it’s about getting an opportunity to show love to the things and the people who matter most: you!

Here in Residence Life, we’re devoted to making sure that you are happy in your residential community. Through programming and other activities our Resident Assistants plan for you, we’re committed to making you feel loved and appreciated by your community! Make sure to check out Valentine’s Day programs happening this week promoting things like the history of the holiday, ways to love yourself and your community, sexual health, card-making, and more! In the meantime, check out these tips for how to love YOURSELF this Valentine’s Day!

Know yourself.

College is the perfect time to get to know yourself in a whole new light. Take an opportunity this Spring to discover what you love and appreciate about yourself!

Give yourself some well-deserved “me time.”

Nothing is more important that taking sometime for yourself. With classes, extra-curricular activities and more, there’s no better way to love yourself than giving yourself a break!

Make success a priority.

On campus, you’re surrounded by people and departments who want nothing more than to see you succeed! The key is to believe in yourself the way we do, and success will follow suit!

Surround yourself with kindness.

Looking for an environment that’s fun, accepting, and understanding of your needs as a student? Look no further. Become more involved in your residential community, and we promise you’ll find just what you’re looking for!

Take care of your body.

Your body knows you better than anyone. Listen to it! Familiarize yourself with resources on campus like Student Health Services, CASAS, and more. Your body knows best, love yourself by taking care of you!

Pursue hobbies you enjoy.

Looking for a sport to play? Try Campus Rec! Want to join the fun with your peers? Attend programs, and ask your RA how to get more involved! There’s tons of things to do on campus, and tons of people who can’t wait for YOU to join them!

Acknowledge what makes you different.

Know what the beauty of YOU is? That there’s no one else just like you! Diversity is key to a happy and balanced community. Let your qualities shine!

Have a safe and happy holiday, and remember to love YOU this Valentine’s Day!



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