The Art of Move-In

The Art

Moving into your space on campus is exciting, nerve-racking, sometimes rainy, always hot, and let’s face it, usually confusing. Shutting down parts of roads in downtown Charleston and gathering staff and tons of volunteers to help get everyone into their new home ‘suite’ home is not the easiest of tasks so we wanted to provide you with some resources to make Cougar Welcome a great experience.

Here are some simple tips to make this process less stressful:

~When it rains here it pours…bring trash bags to cover your stuff

~Label all of your boxes with your name, building, and room number

~Bring your own dolly…your back will thank you (we do have some carts available but you will have to wait in line to access them and they can only be used with elevators if you are upstairs)

~Only bring the essentials…you get one parking pass per family, NOT vehicle. Contact your new roommate(s) using information provided on MyCharleston and your assignment letter to decide who will bring what

~You must fill out your emergency contact information  online before you arrive

~Only you (the student) can go through the check-in line to fill out forms and receive your key(s). Make sure you have your College of Charleston ID or Driver’s License

~Lighting is essential, not all rooms are lit equally so be prepared with lamps

~Make sure to double check your move in time…You cannot check in before your assigned time

~When in doubt ask someone…we are here to help you

Happy Move-In!!!!

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