How to Tackle Finals in YOUR Residential Community!

Remember move-in day? The day you anxiously waited for, the day you finally got to join the college community with hundreds of others looking to learn, and have new experiences? Move-in day was the day you finally got to join the community of your choosing, and since then you’ve made a home within that community. Whether you live in a big or small building or suite, we hope you’ve come to enjoy this first semester within your residential community.

Communities are designed for you and all your peers to come together as students, as young adults, and as friends to lean on each other when it comes to getting involved on campus, studying new or challenging subjects, and more.

And finally, after months of hard work, all-nighters, countless hours spent in the library and study rooms and more, the long-awaited week you and your community now face is almost among us: Finals Week.

Check out these tips for ultimate finals prep you can achieve in YOUR residential community!

  • Create study groups

Res-halls are some of the best places to connect with other students looking to prepare for the same, or similar subject exams! Creating study groups can allow you to see different perspectives and enhance your knowledge on test subjects.

  • Take advantage of Quiet Hours

Did you know that all res-halls have quiet hours from 8 pm – 8 am every night? These are designed to ensure that students get enough quiet time to sleep, study, or relax. This is the perfect time to buckle down if you need quiet to concentrate.

  • Common rooms/Study lounges

Most res-halls have lounges or study rooms at your disposal! These are great places to hold study sessions or to study in the comfort of your community.

  • Enlist help from others in your community

Res-halls hold hundreds of students all looking to succeed during finals week. Chances are, you can find someone who may have taken a class you need help with. Hanging out in the lounges or kitchens are great ways to connect with students who could help you, or who could use your help!

  • Look out for stress-relieving and finals prep programs

Resident Assistants (RAs) are located in each res-hall to ensure your success and happiness at all times throughout the semester! Towards finals week, look out for advertisements or other news about programs centred around stress management or study skills for useful tips.

Whether you’re excited to take your final exams or just ready to get them over with and out of the way, the time to prepare to kill those finals is NOW! What better way to get finals-ready than alongside all those peers who came in beside you on your very first day at the College? Good luck!

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