What to bring to campus and what to leave at home!

What to bring to campus and what to leave at home!

We could never list all the items you might need while here but this list should help you get started on what to bring to campus and what to leave at home.  We strongly suggest looking at the floorplan of your assigned room and checking out the information page for each residence hall before you purchase anything.  Also many of these items can be shared so please talk to your future roommates!

What to bring


  • Backpack or shoulder bag
  • School supplies, remember we sell lots of great stuff at the bookstore in case you forget anything!
  • Calendar or planner
  • Key chain and ID card holder
  • Umbrella, raincoat, and boots for our occasional rainy day
  • Bike and bike lock (our campus is not that big so only bring this if you plan to travel a lot want it for exercise)

Bed and Bath Items:

  • Extra-long twin sheets and pillow cases. Our mattresses are all foam and super comfortable but some students like to have a mattress pad as well. Pillow, blankets or comforter
  • Towels
  • Shower tote or caddy
  • Small wastebasket
  • Toiletries and first aid items
  • Decorative shower curtain (we provide a regular shower liner)
  • Cleaning supplies for the bathroom (not needed if you live in Buist). The college provides toilet paper to all halls and houses.

Laundry and Clothing Care:

  • Laundry detergent- We currently use high efficiency front loading washers in the residence halls. Manufacturer’s guidelines recommend high efficiency detergent (look for the “he” symbol) instead of traditional detergent.
  • Fabric softener and stain remover
  • Laundry basket or laundry bag
  • Hangers, hanging space is limited
  • Iron and ironing board (but only if you will actually use it J)


  • Alarm clock (or you can always use your phone)
  • Cell phone with charger
  • TV with Firestick (our campus has IPTV not cable so students need a Firestick for TV’s or they can watch TV on their phone, tablet, or computer)
  • Computer and/or tablet (some students bring a printer but there are spaces on campus where they can print if they choose not to bring one)
  • Headphones or earbuds
  • Surge protector, extension cords of all kinds are prohibited

Kitchen Items:

  • Coffee maker (Keurig style is allowed but regular pot style is not)
  • Plates, cups, mugs and utensils
  • Pots, pans, baking sheets, pot holders, and cooking utensils (if you are living where in a space that has a full kitchen)
  • Can opener
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Plastic Wrap, aluminum foil, and plastic bags
  • Sponges, dish soap, and dish-drying rack


  • Photos
  • Small area rug
  • Posters (we suggest using painters tape to adhere posters to walls so that you do not cause any damage to the walls)
  • Desk lamp
  • Storage Bins

Cleaning Supplies:

  • Vacuum cleaner, broom, mop or other floor cleaner
  • Cleaning wipes or spray
  • Trash cans with trash bags

What to leave at home

We will never be able to list everything you are not allowed to have on campus, however here iss list of some common things we see that are not allowed.  If you have a specific item you are not sure about please call Campus Housing or Residence Life.

  • Appliances with open heating elements (e.g., electric woks, deep fryers, hot plates, toasters/toaster ovens, etc.)
  • Candles, incense and candle warmers
  • Combustible fuels – gasoline, kerosene, and etc.
  • Decorative or empty alcohol containers
  • Pools or hot tubs
  • Grills (charcoal and gas as well as George Forman style)
  • Pets (other than fish in a tank of 10 gallons or less)
  • Space heaters, personal air conditioners or halogen lights/lamps
  • Two-wheeled electric-powered scooters (e.g. Hoverboards)
  • Weapons, firearms or replicas, and fireworks
  • TV mounting brackets

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