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Computer Animation

This page features highlights of student animations from the CSCI / CITA 120 Building Virtual Worlds course.  Course topics include:

  • principles of traditional animation including key framing, timing, and squash & stretch
  • principles of visual storytelling including storyboarding, selection of camera angles, and continuity editing
  • modeling and character rigging in a 3D content-creation application
  • animation using a 3D content-creation application
  • coding Python scripts to enhance animations by generating multiple instances of modeled objects or specialized animated motions

Students can apply concepts and skills learned to future careers in animation arts, game design, visual arts, graphics software development, or entry into graduate programs in media arts, computer science, or digital production arts.

McYummy’s Donuts by Gabrielle Hodges (fall 2014)

Here are still images and plot summaries from several more student animations.

Student animations from fall 2014

Student animations from fall 2014

(a) Dr. Frankenstein tries to create a bouncing ball – and fails yet again

(b) Learning how to share while playing soccer

(c) Penguin swipes igloo guy’s grilled fish

(d) Knight gets a surprise when using the magic beach ball wand

(e) Kirby catches and rides a flying star

(f) Complete chess game move-by-move (click to view video)

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