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Virtual Production Lab


Samples of recent student work in 3D animation and green-screen production.

Samples of recent student work in 3D animation and green-screen production.

“Virtual production is the process of making films in the digital world in real time, enabling a new level of creative freedom and efficiency for filmmakers, commercial directors and game developers alike.” (Digital Domain 3.0)

The Virtual Production Lab in the Department of Computer Science at the College of Charleston supports creative projects that involve technologies of the virtual production process including animation, green-screen virtual set filming, audio video recording and editing, performance capture, building character models and virtual sets, game development, computer graphics, visual simulations, and virtual 3D tours.  The Department extends a special thank you to Optitrack for loaning the department four Prime 13W cameras and Motive Tracker software.

Interdisciplinary Collaborations

We invite collaborations from CofC students and faculty as well as local filmmakers and performance artists who have an interest in exploring new forms of creative expression that blends the arts and technology.  Click here to read about an interdisciplinary collaboration with the Theatre Department’s production of Out of Control.

For more information about the Virtual Production Lab at CofC, please contact Dr. William Bares.


4 Optitrack Prime 13W cameras and software – track rigid body markers in our 10 x 10 foot space

Perception Neuron Pro wireless inertial full-body capture system

HTC Vive virtual reality system

Microsoft Kinect (version 1 and version 2)

Tobii REX eye tracker

Green-screen curtain for chromakey filming (bring your own camera phone or camera)

Digital audio recorder and boom pole microphones

Three Dell workstations with Intel i7 CPUs (Quadro K4200 and 2 x NVidia GTX 1080)

One iMac computer for video editing


Autodesk Content Creation Suite (Maya and Motion Builder)

Blender open-source 3D Animation

Microsoft Visual Studio software development tools

Unity 3D Game Engine

Unreal Game Engine

Final Cut Pro (on iMac)

Compressor (on iMac)

Logic Pro (on iMac)

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