William Bares at CofC


My teaching and mentoring work supports the Computing in the Arts Program by teaching a contextualized CS One-Half course in animation, the Game Programming course (required for all CITA majors), and, most importantly, I mentor junior and senior CITA capstone projects.  My teaching complements my research and outreach activities.  I am currently incorporating new CS Unplugged and JavaScript-code activities designed to teach math and Computer Graphics techniques into my CS One-Half Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds class.  By providing students in this first semester course with a stronger foundation, I aim to be able to more rapidly and fully involve them in my research projects, much of which requires background knowledge in Computer Graphics. Please explore the following pages for more information about the courses that I regularly teach.

Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds (CITA/CSCI 120)

Game Programming (CITA/CSCI 280)

Computing in the Arts Capstone Projects (CITA 395 and 495)


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