William Bares at CofC


My research complements my teaching in the Computing in the Arts program and seeks to develop novel interaction metaphors in which creative human artists collaborate with intelligent software assistants to create artworks.  This research finds application in fields of  cinematography, theatre, visual arts, games, and simulated learning environments among others.

I frequently host high school and undergraduate students in summer research in conjunction with programs such as the SC Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics, international exchange with IUT La Rochelle (France), and Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI).

Film Ties (current project)

Participate in this project as part of a 2015 Summer I class in Animation for Virtual Production.


Director’s Lens

New workflow for movie-making in which a human cinematographer collaborates with an intelligent assistant that proposes a palette of different camera angles which are adapted to match the composition and editing tendencies of the cinematographer’s previously recorded shots.

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