PowToon is an online tool that allows you to create AMAZING slideshows and movies. It’s very simple to use! Powtoon is great for creating dynamic presentations or slides.

Use it to make a fun and engaging introductory video. It is also easy and quick enough to use to record a simple how to or explanation video for your class.

Videos can be played on the PowToon website or exported to YouTube.

PowToon has limitless options to create a professional, unique video experience or lecture for your students.


  • Create presentations
  • Record a how to video
  • Introduce yourself to your students
  • Create lectures to use online or in the classroom
  • Student assignments or group assignments
  • Project-based learning

Sign up for a free account: PowToon – www.powtoon.com

Tutorial Type:  Text-based

Platform: Online, cloud-based

Price: Free

Tutorial: PowToon Getting Started Tutorial