OAKS Assignments

Instructors use the Assignments tool to create and edit assignments, see users’ submission times, view submissions on the Evaluate Submission page, associate assignments to rubrics and competencies, and return submissions with grades and feedback.

View the tutorial: OAKS Assignments

Set up Assignments so students can submit a URL or text

The Assignment tool allows students to submit more than just a file from their computer.

View Tutorial: Set up Assignments so students can submit a URL or textl

Using VT as a Student

Student tutorial on submitting assignments

View Tutorial: Submit OAKS Assignments for Students


PeerMark, by Turnitin, allows you to have students do peer review online in OAKS.

View the tutorial: PeerMark


When added to an OAKS Assignment, Turnitin allows for plagiarism detection as well provides a quick and easy way to grade assignments.

View the tutorial: Turnitin

VoiceThread Assignments

VoiceThread’s integration with OAKS allows instructors to create assignments for their students.  These assignments can even be graded within VT and the grade sent to the OAKS Grade book.  There are three types of assignments:

  1. Create a VoiceThread – the student will be required to create a VoiceThread of their own.
  2. Submit a Comment – the student will be required to comment on a VoiceThread (the number of comments can be specified).
  3. Watch a VoiceThread – the student will be required to watch a VoiceThread all the way through.

View the tutorial: VoiceThread Assignments

Other Tools

OAKS Rubrics

Rubrics are used to evaluate an activity or item based on a predefined set of criteria. They help ensure that activities and items are evaluated fairly and consistently.

View the tutorial: OAKS Rubrics

OAKS QuickEval

OAKS Quick Eval tool allows you see and grade all assignments from one class or all of them at one time.

View the tutorial: OAKS QuickEval

Teaching Guides

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Cheat-Proof Assessments

Successful Multimedia Projects

Creating Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Successful Group work