One-Way Communication

OAKS Announcements

The Announcements tool enables you to create news items that help communicate course updates, changes, and new information to your users quickly and effectively.

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Course Home & Announcements Tool Course Home and Announcements Text Tutorial Course Home and Announcements Video Tutorial
OAKS Intelligent Agents

The Intelligent Agents tool monitors an org unit to find activity that matches criteria that you set. The criteria that the agents search for are login activity, course activity, and release conditions in OAKS.

View the tutorial: OAKS Intelligent Agents

Two-Way Communication

OAKS Discussions

Discussions are a series of messages that have been posted as replies to each other. This is an asynchronous communication tool, meaning that users can read the postings at any time.


View the tutorial: OAKS Discussions

OAKS Activity Feed

The Activity Feed provides the ability to use the Activity Feed homepage widget. The Activity Feed widget creates a unique “feed” or “stream” for a course. The feed is a way for instructors to provide access to activities learners need to complete, deliver information they need to know, and facilitate learner engagement using simplified workflows in an intuitive and friendly interface.

View the tutorial: OAKS Activity Feed

View the tutorial: Add Activity Feed to your OAKS Homepage

OAKS Email

The Email tool allows you to send email from within OAKS.

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OAKS Email OAKS Email Text Tutorial OAKS Email Video Tutorial
Email Your Entire Class Email Your Entire Class Text Tutorial Email Your Entire Class Video Tutorial