Management Professor Uses Art to Rethink Business

Oscar Jerome Stewart, Ph.D.
Oscar Jerome Stewart, Ph.D.

Oscar Jerome Stewart, Ph.D.

In an interview with The Aspen Institute, Assistant Professor of Management Oscar Jerome Stewart, Ph.D., goes in detail about his innovative method of encouraging students to approach business problems using art and creativity.

Stewart shares,

Creativity in our pedagogy, as business faculty in particular, is a tool to rethink business education. One of the more visible ways that I have tried to awaken students’ creativity in my teaching is using various art projects. The process of creating works of art allows students to critically reflect on business practices and concepts.

Last year, Dr. Stewart was recognized with the Ideas Worth Teaching Award by The Aspen Institute for his “Seminar in Business and Society.”

Read his full interview on The Aspen Institute blog.

Finance Professor Discusses Risk/Pricing Framework for Auto Insurance Companies

James Malm, Ph.D.
James Malm, Ph.D.

Professor James Malm, Ph.D.

In an article with WalletHub regarding the cheapest car insurance in South Carolina for 2021, Professor James Malm addresses whether or not is fair for auto insurance companies to consider factors such as gender, age and occupation when setting premiums.

In setting premiums, auto insurance companies use a risk/pricing framework. Thus, the more risky behavior an individual exhibits, the higher the prospect of a future claim and hence the higher the auto insurance premium. Important determinants of auto insurance premiums include; driving record/behavior, vehicle type, location (state and zip code), traveling patterns, alcohol/drug use, educational status, credit history, seatbelt usage, claim history, among others.

Read the WallHub article to see the answers Professor Malm provided!

Professor Jennifer Barhorst Shares Augmented Reality Insights with Molson Coors Beverage Company

Jennifer Barhorst, Ph.D. of the College of Charleston School of Business was featured on the Molson Coors Beverage Company blog

Jennifer Barhorst, Ph.D. of the College of Charleston School of Business was featured on the Molson Coors Beverage Company blog

Marketing professor Jennifer Barhorst was recently featured as a subject matter expert on the Molson Coors Beverage Company’s blog.

Barhorst — who won best paper at the 5th International Augmented and Virtual Reality Conference in Munich, Germany — shared that what we see now with augmented reality is only the tip of the iceberg and will become the norm in marketing campaigns.

“Brands are going to come to life in ways we can’t even imagine right now,” said Barhorst.

Read the full article on Molson Coors’s blog, Beer and Beyond.

Professor Robert Hogan Discusses Growing Job Opportunities in Accounting

Professor Robert Hogan, chair of the School of Business Accounting and Business Law department, recently discussed the growing job opportunities in accounting for college students with Charleston Regional Business Journal.

Read the full article, Accounting attracts talent with early internships, job commitments, on Charleston Regional Business Journal.


Business Faculty Reflect on Fulbright Experiences For 75th Anniversary

Headshot collage of Steve Litvin, Mark Witte, Rene Mueller, John Crotts and Brumby McLeod, faculty at the College of Charleston School of Business

Headshot collage of Steve Litvin, Mark Witte, Rene Mueller, John Crotts and Brumby McLeod, faculty at the College of Charleston School of Business

The School of Business is home to world-class faculty who stimulate a global mindset in students through their teaching, service and research.

On the 75th anniversary of the preeminent cultural exchange program known as the Fulbright Program, several business school faculty members with Fulbright ties reminisced about their time abroad.

Headshot of Steve LitvinSteve Litvin
Professor of Hospitality

“I have been fortunate to have had a decade-long relationship with Fulbright. As a Fulbright Scholar, I spent a semester at the University of Guelph (Ontario, Canada) as their Research Chair of Sustainable Commerce, researching sustainable tourism and teaching a class in their outstanding hospitality program. Following my Fulbright, I was invited to serve on North American Fulbright selection committees for a three-year term, reviewing and voting upon Fulbright submissions from others hoping to be as fortunate as I had been in being selected for a Fulbright.

When my selection committee appointment concluded, I was invited by Fulbright and the US State Department to serve as a Fulbright Ambassador, to spread the Fulbright ‘gospel.’ I conducted 14 Fulbright workshops at universities and academic conferences across the country during my two-year appointment, after which I was awarded Ambassador Emeritus status. My time with Fulbright has been nothing short of wonderful.”

Headshot of Brumby McLeodBrumby McLeod
Department Chair and Professor of Hospitality and Tourism

“My host country of Iceland has taught me so much about life and culture. I went there to study the Icelandic home. My time in Iceland inspired the strategic narrative of my first opera. The opera is titled Little Iceland and it is about a little Viking child named Brumby who is searching the Americas for the Heart of Hospitality. The Don Quixote-like Viking thinks it resides in the East Side neighborhood of Charleston.”


Headshot of Rene MuellerRene Mueller
Director of the Global Business Resource Center and Professor of International Marketing

“I spent a semester in Innsbruck, Austria. Thirty-eight years ago, I was stationed in Germany and worked as a Cold War crypto-linguist (German) in military intelligence. The Fulbright experience gave me the opportunity to relearn German. The university there also encouraged me to travel around Austria and learn a lot more about its history and culture—which I did. Finally, I was asked by the Fulbright Portugal program if I would be willing to give a few lectures in Porto, Portugal via its Intercountry Program. Surprisingly, Portugal was never on my radar, but I seized the opportunity to work a bit in Portugal. I had a wonderful experience there and plan to go back for a longer period of time. Both of these international experiences allowed me to meet new people, experience new cultures, and develop long-term relationships.”

Headshot of Mark WitteMark Witte
Professor of Economics

“A Fulbright in Croatia opened up a variety of opportunities for research, created a valuable network of fellow academics and taught me more than a few lessons in how to teach a class. By spending an entire semester abroad, there were a variety of topics for academic research brought to my attention by my Croatian colleagues including extra-Eurozone dynamics, labor market issues within the European Union and, most importantly, beaches.

When teaching classes, I learned how a different exam structure can create opportunities for test-weary students to achieve and the value of inter-university exchange among students. I remain grateful for my time abroad and hope to find other opportunities for future Fulbright work.”

John CrottsHeadshot of John Crotts, professor of hospitality, served as a Fulbright Senior Specialist from 2010 until 2015. In 2013, he was a visiting senior Fulbright specialist focused on curriculum development and faculty/graduate student research at H.N.B.Garhwal University Centre for Mountain Tourism and Hospitality Studies in Uttarakhand, India.

Mueller Reaches Grant Milestone

Rene Mueller, Ph.D., professor at the College of Charleston School of Business
Rene Mueller, Ph.D., professor at the College of Charleston School of Business

Rene Mueller, Ph.D.

Rene Mueller, Ph.D., director of the Global Business Resource Center and international business program, was recently awarded a grant that will support the study of the Middle East, North Africa and its periphery.

This $185,000 grant places her above $1 million in total grants awarded since becoming the director of the international business program.

“Rene certainly makes a difference in our international business programs and beyond,” said Alan T. Shao, dean of the School of Business. “We thank her for her many years of sending colleagues and students abroad.”