School of Business Celebrates Award-Winning Seniors

  • Professor Iris Junglas and Elise Courtney, Outstanding Information Management Student Award

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Each year, the School of Business recognizes our most outstanding students for their academic and service achievements. The distinguished awards ceremony takes place each May with family, classmates, faculty, and staff present to celebrate the highest achieving students.

Below are our student award recipients for the 2021-22 academic year.

College of Charleston (Office of the Dean of Students)

  • Leah Martin, Alexander Chambliss Connelley Award
    The award is presented to the student of the senior class who has made the most unselfish contribution(s) to the student body and the College of Charleston. Nominations are accepted from the student body, faculty, and staff.

School of Business

  • Drew Asadorian, Schottland Business Leadership Award

Department of Accounting and Business Law

  • William Lochte, Outstanding Accounting Undergraduate Student Award
  • Jennifer A. Patala, Outstanding Accounting Graduate Award
  • Jacqueline Wirszyla, Outstanding Accounting Graduate Award
  • Salma R. Mongy, William Young Warren Ripley, Jr. Award

Department of Economics

  • Ethan Bain, Fanchon Morrow Condon Memorial/Outstanding Economics Student Award

Department of Finance

  • Robert J. Krick, Outstanding Finance Student Award
  • Blair Nemechek, Outstanding Finance Student Award
  • L. Olivia Staff, Outstanding Finance Student Award
  • Chloe A. Esposito, Outstanding Commercial Real Estate Finance Student Award
  • Kaelin Stock, Outstanding Commercial Real Estate Finance Student Award
  • Lily Urban, Outstanding Commercial Real Estate Finance Student Award

Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management

  • Kim Iv, Outstanding Hospitality and Tourism Management Major Award
  • Veronica Wareham, Outstanding Hospitality and Tourism Management Minor Award
  • Hailey Keith, South Carolina Governor’s Tourism Student Award

Department of Management and Marketing

  • Destiny Hester, Outstanding Business Student Award
  • Benjamin Raith, Outstanding Entrepreneurship Student Award
  • James Oistad, Outstanding International Business Student Award
  • Imogen Cassidy, Outstanding Marketing Student Award
  • Emily Cooperman, Outstanding Marketing Student Award
  • Rachel Dinning, Outstanding Marketing Student Award
  • Blaise Patrick Vevon, The Al Lifton Leadership Award

Department of Supply Chain Management and Information Management

  • Connor Korfas, Outstanding Supply Chain Management Student Award
  • Ariel Shatz, Outstanding Global Logistics and Transportation Student Award
  • Elise Courtney, Outstanding Information Management Student Award

Bachelor of Professional Studies

  • Mary “Pearl” Gibbs, Dean’s Award

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Master of Business Administration

  • Kendyl Churchman, Outstanding Master of Business Administration Student Award
  • Michael Lee, Outstanding Master of Business Administration Student Award
  • Katelin Studrawa, Outstanding Master of Business Administration Student Award
  • Sarah Thanhauser, Outstanding Master of Business Administration Student Award

Finance Major Talks Campus Life, Latino Representation and Internships

Victor Jimenez

At the College of Charleston School of Business, we give our students the power to lead confidently in the classroom, community, and boardroom. Victor Jimenez ’22 of Mexico (by way of Hilton Head, South Carolina) is graduating with a Finance degree in May and took us along with him to share, Why CofC?

Jimenez is a School of Business Investment Program member, a School of Business Student Ambassador and is the founding president of the first Hispanic/Latino professional organization on campus, the Association of Latino Professionals For America (ALPFA).

When asked why the College of Charleston, he shared this:

I love The College because it is in the heart of Charleston. I enjoy the city and the southern charm it has. The School of Business has become a home away from home, where I have built long-lasting relationships with my professors, peers, and staff.

View the full video below:

Internship Spotlight: Q&A with Chloe Quirk ‘23

When Chloe Quirk began her time at the School of Business, she believed she had a future in real estate ahead of her. However, when she got the chance to spend the summer of 2021 working as an intern for the Political Section of the U.S. Embassy in Abu Dhabi, Quirk jumped at the opportunity and moved overseas. 

Q: Tell me a little about yourself and your major. 

A: I’m a junior business administration major. Originally, I wanted to go into real estate, but now I am more interested in careers with the State Department

Q: What company did you intern for and what was your title?

A: I applied and was selected to be a Summer Intern for the Political Section of the U.S. Embassy in Abu Dhabi, which is the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

Q: What were some of the tasks, roles, or opportunities you were given in your internship?

A: I worked on a project where I had to write bios for the Royal Family and politicians/businessmen that would meet with Americans. I attended the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) conference, where I learned about how the U.S. could help with drug abuse around the world. I was also tasked with processing diplomatic notes–the main line of communication between the UAE ministry and the U.S. embassy. Lastly, I was able to participate in a research project on the UAE’s relationship with nations in the Horn of Africa. 

Q: What classes at CofC helped you succeed in your internship?

A: I found most of my business school classes to be helpful, especially with the use of Microsoft suite and Excel. The government classes I’ve taken also helped me, as well as the general progressive learning environment here at CofC. 

Q: What valuable skills did you gain through your internship?

A: I gained a better understanding of diplomatic relationships and how much of an influence the UAE has on the world, and I learned a lot about how an embassy and its different departments work together to achieve goals in other countries.

Q: We are all about cultivating connections here at the School of Business. How are you planning to use this experience in both school and in the professional world once you graduate?

A: In terms of school, this experience has helped me become better at collecting research, and also improved my time management and project management skills. For the future, it was a good preview of what a career with the State Department would look like and the difference I could make there.

Business Students Make Breakthrough With Charleston DUI Study

In Charleston, South Carolina, cases of DUI-related incidents are increasing with the city’s eminent dining scenery and nightlife.

CofC School of Business students Jillian Wilkie and Crystal Lindner conducted research on DUI arrests to help the hospitality industry.

From left to right: Jillian Wilkie (Hospitality and Tourism Management major), Crystal Lindner (Business Administration major)

Over the summer, with the support and funding from the School of Business Office of Tourism AnalysisSteve Litvin, professor of Hospitality and Tourism Management and student researchers, Jillian Wilkie and Crystal Lindner, a study for the Charleston Police Department was conducted to find out if restaurants and bars were contributing to the city’s DUI problem. The discoveries they made were shocking.

The research is based on the pre-pandemic level of Charleston’s traffic activities, with a compiled record of 370 DUI arrests and adjudications over a 14-month period. Here is what the research team learned:

  • A third of the DUI arrest suspects worked in the hospitality industry.
  • 62% of intoxicated drivers come from commercial establishments.
  • Among the arrest records, only about half specified the bar or restaurant the suspect patronized.

Like many College of Charleston School of Business classes, Professor Litvin’s students spend each semester brainstorming solutions to current industry challenges. This past Fall, the ongoing issue of alcohol-impaired driving continued into the classroom, where student teams formed to make recommendations to tackle the issue.

Full article on The College TODAY: DUI Study Turns Students Into Road Scholars

Hailey Keith Selected as SC Governor’s Tourism Award Recipient

Hailey Keith, Recipient of the SC Governor's Tourism Student Award at the College of Charleston School of Business
Hailey Keith, Recipient of the SC Governor's Tourism Student Award at the College of Charleston School of Business


Faculty at the College of Charleston School of Business have selected senior Hailey Keith as one of South Carolina’s 2021 Governor’s Tourism Student Award winners.

Students studying tourism at South Carolina colleges and universities who have shown exceptional academic performance and involvement in the industry are eligible by a nomination process. Award recipients also receive a $1,000 scholarship.

“This award means so much to me,” said Keith, who hopes to work in large-scale event management. “I’m incredibly passionate about hospitality and tourism and couldn’t imagine myself working in any other industry, so I can think of no higher honor than to receive this award.”

Keith will be formally recognized in the coming weeks at the Lace House in Columbia, South Carolina, during an awards ceremony.

She added, “I’m so appreciative of the department faculty, specifically Dr. Steve Litvin and Dr. Robert Frash, who I’ve had the pleasure of working with on research and in the First Year Experience program. The hospitality and tourism management program has truly made my college experience enjoyable, and I’ve learned so much in my four years here.”

Keith joins the company of former high-achieving hospitality students at the College including, Lauren Furey (2018), Alexis Davis (2019) and Cassidy Hyatt (2020). 

The hospitality and tourism program at the College of Charleston School of Business provides a unique placed-based education in one of the country’s top destinations cities. For more information, please visit