Promo graphic for the Future of Management Research Symposium

by Ashley Odom

College of Charleston’s School of Business will host over 10 visiting management scholars on February 3, 2024, for The Future of Management Scholarship Research Symposium.

These experts will travel to Charleston from all over the nation and beyond.

University of Nebraska Omaha, University of Alabama, Oregon State University, Auburn University, and more are represented by the highly accomplished experts.

The event aims to connect researchers, industry leaders, students, and faculty to the newest developments in the fields of leadership, business ethics, sustainability, and more.

Multiple experts will lead each discussion group and attendees will have the opportunity to choose from topics such as “Crafting Meaningful Work in Challenging Contexts,” “Employee Wellbeing in the World of Contested Relationships,” and “Impact of Social Evaluations on CEO Decision-Making.”

College of Charleston Professor and Event Organizer Ivana Milosevic, Ph.D. will discuss the “Dynamics of Capability Development in High-Hazard Contexts” alongside A. Erin Bass, Ph.D. from University of Nebraska Omaha and Florian Andresen, Ph.D. of Helmut-Schmidt-University in Hamburg, Germany.

Small-group discussions allow attendees to speak directly to the source and gain actionable insights from the researchers themselves.

Following small-group discussion, College of Charleston graduate students from multiple departments will have the opportunity to present their work and receive feedback from all attendees.

These lively discussions will carry into lunch, where participants can both continue their conversations and branch out to network with anyone of their choosing.

Management practices extend far beyond academia, and this event will allow industry leaders and attendees to apply the newest information to their respective organizations.

The event will begin at 10 a.m. in the Beatty Center, the home of the College of Charleston School of Business, located at 5 Liberty St, Charleston, South Carolina. Registration is free. To reserve your spot, visit